Keith Nester

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Keith Nester is an experienced and knowledgeable CRM marketing professional with great depth in knowledge-based marketing, direct marketing, consultation, product development, and data warehouse/data mart use. Mr. Nester has demonstrated significant success in turning around clients' satisfaction levels with direct mail and database marketing's usefulness. Mr. Nester served in a leadership role developing and implementing of a customer level data warehouse for a service bureau providing industry first CRM capabilities to one of the nations largest retailers. He also developed a strategic business plan for the company focusing on targeted customers, high threat competitors and leveraging future trends in knowledge based marketing to a competitive advantage. Mr. Nester was instrumental in establishing credibility and high level awareness of direct marketing capabilities for one of the US's largest financial service provider. This resulted in eight-fold growth in the amount spent on development in this area over a three-year period. He helped developed and implemented a customer profitability program for a major financial institution. The program provided product profitability, customer profitability and estimated lifetime value. He created decision support tools for business units within a major financial services company to project where potential sales existed, yielding more productive sales staffs and more reliable revenue projections.