Kevin Kostiner

Managing Director and Founder; CEO and Co-Founder -

The IoE Strategist; V-2-X -

IoT Agenda

Kevin Kostiner is managing director and founder of The IoE Strategist and CEO and co-founder of V-2-X.

The IoE Strategist is a consulting practice focused on helping companies understand and benefit from the enormous innovation-based ecosystem that is the internet of things. Kevin specializes in working both with companies that are developing IoT solutions to sell into the market as well as companies looking to implement the technology into their organizations.

From the smart home, smart cities, connected and autonomous vehicles, the legion of consumer-focused IoT solutions coming to market every day and more, The IoE Strategist delivers the clarity and guidance required for internet of things success.

Kevin is also CEO and co-founder of V-2-X, a connected vehicle startup currently in stealth mode.

You may reach Kevin at 702-533-5886, [email protected] and [email protected]. He's also on Twitter @buildingtheioe.

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