Lee Feinberg

President and founder -

DecisionViz -


Lee Feinberg is the president and founder of DecisionViz, a management consultancy that helps companies "escape the legacy of reporting data by transforming complex data into simple pictures for making decisions." Ten years ago, working with companies generating large amounts of Internet data, he realized that visualization would be a disruptive capability. Clients such as IBM, Ford and Nokia have used Feinberg's Decision Visualization business strategy and DRAW-ON visualization process to make data actionable. Industry leaders frequently ask him to address domestic and international audiences, most recently including presentations at O'Reilly Media's Strata Conference, Tableau Software's European and North American customer conferences, The Data Warehousing Institute's NYC Tri-State Area chapter, Data Modeling Zone, the Warc Datacentric conference and TechTarget's BI Leadership Summit. He is also the founder of the NJ and NY Tableau Software User Groups.