Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks

Head of Consultancy, DQM GRC

Louise Brooks is head of consultancy at DRM GRC, a specialist data protection and privacy consultancy that forms part of GRC International Group, and has 25 years' experience in data regulation and practice.

Louise brings a wealth of expertise in guiding clients in all data protection and privacy matters. Her professional journey began with a career in law before moving into the third sector where she became the first compliance officer for the World Wide Fund for Nature, and then the first statutory data protection officer for the RSPCA. Consultancy work followed these appointments in 2020.

Louise joined DQM GRC in 2021 and has thrived in a consulting environment, where she has led a variety of projects, including whole implementation programmes. She has a thorough understanding of data protection regulations, codes of practice, and their integration into business strategies and objectives.

Louise is a trusted data protection expert, offering invaluable guidance and insights in this constantly evolving field. Her extensive experience and practical insights make her an exceptional subject matter expert.

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