Marshall Bartoszek

Managing Director -

SalesForte -


Marshall Bartoszek is the principal analyst for ACG Research's data center practice where he runs a comprehensive data center program consisting of training modules to support service providers' and vendors' go-to-market processes and strategies based on industry best practices.

Before joining ACG, Bartoszek held leadership positions at Fortinet, where he led a switching business unit focused on low-latency, high-performance computing applications in the data center, and Force10 Networks, where he helped drive revenue from $0 to $150 million in four years and established Force10 as the leader of high-performance Ethernet, focusing on the data center. He was a major account manager at Cisco Systems and held sales and business development positions in the service provider market with France Telecom (Equant) and AT&T (RAM Mobile Data).

Bartoszek holds a B.A. in forensic studies and sociology and a minor in Far Eastern culture from Indiana University at Bloomington.