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Nadir Izrael is co-founder and CTO of Armis, the agentless IoT security platform that lets enterprises see and control any device or network. Izrael co-founded the company in 2015 with Yevgeny Dibrov, with whom he studied at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He spent six years in the Israeli army, specifically in cyberintelligence, where he designed and programmed software projects and systems, and attained the rank of captain. Following his military service, Izrael graduated summa cum laude from Technion. During this time and in the following years, Izrael worked at Google as a software engineer, where he was on the team that built the autocomplete function in Google search.

Izrael studied computer science and physics and enjoys combining the disciplines in coding projects, such as creating simulations of particle systems and cosmological models. He is also experienced in applied machine learning algorithms and statistical models.

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