Nilo Stolte

Nilo Stolte


Nilo Stolte has extensive experience in computer graphics, computer architecture and parallel processing, as well as high-level programming languages including C, C++ and Java. His research has included a new dynamic load balancing algorithm for multiprocessing memory shared machines. He also has considerable knowledge of embedded, concurrent and Assembly programming, particularly for the 8085 and 8086 processors.

Nilo earned his Ph.D. in computer graphics at Paul Sabatier University in France, focusing his research in the areas of ray tracing, 3D visualization, voxelization, robust voxelization, octree, 3D rendering, implicit surfaces, point rendering and interval arithmetic.

Earlier in his career he was a C/C++ software engineer, including for a computer graphics company in France developing multispectral ray tracing for military applications. Then he worked in Java Android programming at Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Later, he started developing in Java Core on desktops, as well as developing GUIs for these applications but using only AWT primitives and avoiding frameworks. Together, these experiences motivated him to explore ways to address the caveats in frameworks for GUI development.

Nowadays, Nilo studies and develops several tools, many of them open source, for developing portable and multiplatform GUIs using vector graphics, such as GLSL shaders that are portable even to web applications. He is also interested in how to enhance the performance of short-lived or time-critical applications, for which he is currently experimenting with the Zig language.

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