Rod Schultz

VP of Product -

Rubicon Labs -

IoT Agenda

Rod Schultz is the VP of Product at Rubicon Labs. He began his career building Internet technology as a software engineer for Cisco. At Cisco he designed protocols and security for wide-area networking, mobile IP, and data protection. Next, Rod joined Apple as a senior software engineer and an early member of the FairPlay team. There, he worked on DRM used to protect music and video for Quicktime and iTunes on iPod, Mac, iPhone, and AppleTV. That led to a technical lead engineering position at Adobe, where he helped architect and develop product for Primetime DRM, which provides protection for video content across a complex set of devices, platforms, and distributors. Rod holds a BS in Applied Computer Science from the University of North Carolina and a Certificate of Excellence in Business from UC Berkeley. He holds eight patents with several more pending.

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