Scott Hoffpauir

Scott Hoffpauir

Chief Technology Officer -

BroadSoft -

IoT Agenda

As Chief Technology Officer at BroadSoft, now a part of Cisco, Scott Hoffpauir is responsible for guiding the technical vision and direction for BroadSoft, as well as promoting continuous product innovation. Driving the company's strong reputation of leadership and innovation, Scott manages BroadSoft's engineering, operations and product management functions.

Scott began serving as a co-founder and vice president of engineering of BroadSoft in 1998. Prior to BroadSoft, Scott was director of GSM development at Celcore (DSC/Alcatel USA). In this role, he was responsible for all product development on the GSM switching product. Before Celcore, Scott was senior architect for Nortel's GSM and Inter-Exchange Carrier switching systems. Scott holds multiple patents in the GSM, SIP, call processing and switching areas.

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