Sriram  Sabesan

Sriram Sabesan


Sriram Sabesan has been an active member of The Open Group since 2010, and he has contributed to the development of Open Group standards, snapshots and whitepapers. He is an Open Group certified distinguished architect and is certified in TOGAF® 8, scrum practice and project management. 

Sriram holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering and master of science (Tech) in power and energy. Sriram also received his diplomas in financial and operations management in 1998.

Sriram Sabesan leads the digital transformation practice at Delegata. He is responsible for developing best practice and standards in the areas of social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT (SMACIT), customer experience management and governance.

Over the past 20 years, Sriram has led teams specialising in system engineering, process engineering and architecture development across federal, technology, manufacturing, telecommunication, and financial services verticals. Managing and leading large geographically distributed teams, Sriram has enabled clients develop and execute strategies in response to shifts technology or economic conditions.

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