Steven Feurer

Chief Technology Officer -

Paessler AG -

IoT Agenda

Steven Feurer is the chief technology officer at Paessler AG. He brings extensive full-stack development and leadership experience to his role. He co-founded, the leading legal tech company in Germany, and three additional firms. Most recently, he served as business advisor of Mueller Media Group and as interim CEO and CTO of MediService GmbH, as well as a product and innovation strategist for Warptec Software GmbH, where he focused on virtual and augmented reality, IoT and mobile application development.

He studied information technology and holds a degree in Egyptology from the University of Manchester in England and in Classical Studies from the Open University, also in England. An aficionado of Middle Egyptian, Akkadian, Ancient Greek and Latin, he enjoys archeology in his spare time and is a volunteer Egyptologist, archeologist and photographer for the South Asasif Conservation Project.

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