Tony  Paine

Tony Paine

Kepware Platform President, PTC

Tony Paine is the Kepware Platform President within PTC, a business unit that develops the industry's leading software platform for industrial connectivity. His main focus is on the business vision and long-term strategy around products and technology.

Tony has had a passion for integrating software and hardware since his early childhood, when he developed an application that turned a rudimentary text editor into a word processor with generic print capabilities. He focused his education around this interest and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in Computer Software and Hardware Design, from the University of Maine at Orono.

Tony joined Kepware Technologies as a Software Engineer in 1996 (shortly after the company was founded) and became instrumental in the design and implementation of the company's flagship product, KEPServerEX. He eventually took on the role of Chief Software Engineer where he led the development team, and was responsible for the creation of the company's LinkMaster and RedundancyMaster products. Throughout the years, Tony's role continued to evolve to reflect his growing responsibilities to the organization, first as Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer, and then as President and CEO in 2009. In 2014, Tony promoted Brett Austin to President in order to focus exclusively on long-term strategic planning as the company's CEO. Tony now continues his CEO role responsibilities as the Kepware Platform President within PTC.

Tony has been involved in various technical working groups, where he has contributed to the direction and review of various standards used within the Automation industry. He currently sits on the Advisory Board for the University of Maine Electrical and Computer Engineering department, where he provides industry insight and evangelism around education in the area of technology.

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