Vijay Ahuja

President -

Cipher Solutions -


Dr. Vijay Ahuja is the president and founder of Cipher Solutions, Inc., a professional services company that assists its clients in implementing storage security and offers customized seminars on storage and network security issues.

His contributions include developing the routing protocols for IBM's networking architecture, introducing early products on single sign on for the security industry, followed by firewalls and other technologies. Dr. Ahuja has worked closely with financial, manufacturing and insurance industries in addressing their data security issues.

Dr. Ahuja has been an industry leader in network security, and more recently in storage security. Prior to starting his current company, Dr. Ahuja was Chief Technology Officer of Arsenal Digital Solutions - a Storage Service Provider. Before joining Arsenal, he was a Principal at Lante Corporation, a Senior Manager at Ernst and Young, and a Program Director at IBM. In each position, he led the company?s efforts in the area of information and network security, and received several awards from both the companies and the industry.

Dr. Ahuja has authored three books: "Network and Internet Security," AP Professional, 1997; "Secure Commerce on the Internet," AP Professional 1997; and, "Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks," McGraw Hill, 1984. He has published several papers on security, often speaks at conferences and seminars on security. Dr. Ahuja received a Master's degree and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, N.C.