Yongjing Zhang

Yongjing Zhang

Standard Research Project Lead -

Huawei Technologies -

IoT Agenda

Dr. Yongjing Zhang is a standard research lead and a chief IoT standard expert of Cloud Core network business unit at Huawei Technologies responsible for IoT and machine-to-machine standard activities, innovation research, architecture design and technical planning. He has worked for Huawei more than 10 years since his Ph.D. graduation from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2007. His professional expertise covers Session Initiation Protocol and IMS, personal network, device management, network functions virtualization, video and recently M2M and IoT, including smart city and connected vehicles.

He is well experienced in the standardization work related to aforementioned areas for many years, actively involved in international organizations such as oneM2M, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, World Wide Web Consortium, GSM Association, Industrial Internet Consortium, and China domestic organizations such as China Communications Standards Association, China ITS, China Industry Innovation Alliance for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles. Currently he is working as a oneM2M technical plenary vice chair after his consecutive three terms -- six years -- of the oneM2M Management, Abstraction & Semantics working group chair. He has also served in leadership positions in other standard development organizations earlier such as the chair of ETSI M2M Working Group 5 and the co-chair of W3C Web of Things Interest Group.

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