Joel Snyder

Joel Snyder

Senior Partner, Opus One

Joel Snyder is a Senior Partner at Opus One, a consulting firm, in Tucson, Arizona. He is an internationally known expert in the area of telecommunications and networks, with an emphasis on security. His Ph.D. thesis, from the University of Arizona's Department of Management Information Systems, analyzed the development, use, and technologies of computer networks in the former Soviet Union.

As a consultant with more than three decades of experience, Snyder has written compilers, data management applications, conferencing systems, VLSI layout applications, firewalls, and network software; designed and implemented information systems for clients as small as a two-person brokerage house and as large as NASA; built network systems for clients on six continents; assisted software and hardware vendors in design, review, architecture, development, and testing of products;  and served on ANSI, IEEE, ISO, and CCITT working groups developing telecommunications standards.

Snyder's clients include organizations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, including enterprises, NGOs, and governments. As an author and trainer, Snyder has given keynote speeches at conferences in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  He has presented training seminars to many clients, including both private and public agencies.

Snyder has written hundreds of articles, has been published in over  a dozen different journals and industry magazines in the US, UK, Russia, Germany, Australia, Portugal, Denmark, Japan, Spain, Italy, and France.

His product testing work in network and telecommunications products  is well known and respected in the field, and his published reviews have received several awards for editorial excellence.

Dr. Snyder has also written three books and edited two journals.