Manisha Raisinghani


LogiNext -

IoT Agenda

Manisha Raisinghani, as the co-founder and CTO of LogiNext, leads one of the leading SaaS companies catering to logistics and workforce optimization. The company, under her guidance, has won over different global markets with superior products that work around patented self-learning algorithms. She has won awards, accolades and admirers alike with her technically astute but strategically exploratory mindset. Within a short period of time, she has led LogiNext to the level of global acceptability and recognition.

She is actively involved in mentoring young entrepreneurs to enable them to realize their potential. Some of her mentees have gone on to become grand successes in their respective fields. With her experience of converting an idea into an exponentially growing enterprise with a multimillion-dollar turnover, year on year, she has become a sought-after advisor on the board of many different companies.