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I am journalist at Computer Weekly/TechTarget

I write news, analyses and features about the use of IT in enterprises. The main enterprise sectors I cover for Computer Weekly are financial services IT and IT outsourcing/services.

I am also editor of four digital magazines in the Australia/New Zealand and the Asean regions for Computer Weekly parent TechTarget. These are Information Security magazine ANZ and ASEAN, Business Intelligence magazine ANZ and ASEAN, Modern Infrastructure ANZ and ASEAN, and Storage Magazine  ANZ and ASEAN.

I also manage content for TechTarget's Indian IT websites: searchcio.in, searchdatacenter.in, searchbusinessintelligence.in, and searchsecurity.in.


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Current account switching figures skew reality but could indicate tipping point http://t.co/0YT31TmtDH via @ComputerWeekly

11:52 AM - 24 Apr 15
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