James Denman

James Denman is the site editor for SearchSoftwareQuality.com. James writes, edits and oversees the production of articles that cover a wide variety of software quality topics such as testing, project management and application lifecycle management (ALM). His current professional interests include mobile application development, enterprise application development projects, software testing tools and methods, Agile and other software development methodologies, maintaining software quality in the cloud, application portfolio management, and other similar topics.

Before taking the reins at SearchSoftwareQuality.com, James supported a number of our sister sites. He started with SearchSOA.com and gradually migrated through TheServerSide.com to SearchSoftwareQuality.com, which is now his sole focus. Prior to his start in editorial at SearchSOA.com, James provided general production support for other sites in the Tech Target family, most notably SearchSecurity.com and SearchNetworking.com. He graduated from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2007, and came to Tech Target shortly thereafter.