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How smartNIC architecture supports scalable infrastructure

In this Q&A, author Silvano Gai discusses how smartNICs can benefit enterprises by providing more granular telemetry and supporting distributed cloud infrastructure.


Exium offers 5G network security to IBM EAM

Exium is IBM's latest partner in 5G network security. Enterprises have the option of using Exium's network as a service with the IBM Edge Application Manager.


How remote work changes the future of network management

The pandemic ushered in a new normal of hybrid workplaces. What's also new is how network teams manage these remote networks, like using zero-trust security models.


Comcast Business to acquire network service provider Masergy

Masergy could bring needed midsize to large enterprise business to Comcast Business. Masergy, based in Plano, Texas, provides managed SD-WANs, cloud security and UCaaS.

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Networking Basics

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    Joint Academic Network (JANET)

    The Joint Academic Network (JANET) is an internal, high-speed computer network that links the U.K. education and research community.

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    visitor-based networking (visitor-based network)

    Visitor-based networking (VBN) is a computer network with high-speed internet access provided by an organization for temporary use by visitors, guests or other users in a public area.

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    Wavelength is the distance between identical points (adjacent crests) in the adjacent cycles of a waveform signal propagated in space or along a wire.

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