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Cisco executive Todd Nightingale to take Fastly CEO job

Executive Todd Nightingale will step away from Cisco after a decade. Cisco plans to combine the enterprise networking and cloud division he led with another department.


Arista acquires Pluribus Networks for cloud fabric product

Arista plans to fold Pluribus technology into a new product that lets telcos run a software-defined network across switches, routers, computer servers and accelerator DPUs.


Next-gen network management difficult without AIOps

Complicated networks mean complicated network management. AIOps can help manage next-generation networks by monitoring, adding visibility and fixing errors within the network.

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Troubleshoot name resolution on Windows, Linux and macOS

Network administrators can troubleshoot name resolution using a variety of methods, including ping, nslookup and PowerShell cmdlets. Here are some troubleshooting best practices.

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    What an AI-driven network looks like

    Log analysis and wireless management are common AI use cases in networking. Future applications could include chatbot alerts, digital experience monitoring and traffic engineering.

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    Best practices for DIY network automation

    Many network pros write their own automation scripts. These best practices help teams implement coding and tool set standardization, proper change management and immutability.

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    network packet

    A network packet is a basic unit of data that's grouped together and transferred over a computer network, typically a packet-switched network, such as the internet.

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