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Cisco Live 2024 conference coverage and analysis

Cisco Live 2024 will focus largely on AI and its potential to transform enterprise networking and IT. Use this guide to follow along with conference news and analysis.

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ARP vs. RARP: What's the difference?

Network devices use ARP to map IP addresses to MAC addresses. RARP, which is less common, accomplishes the reverse and enables network devices to map MAC addresses to IP addresses.


Edge computing opportunities for telecom providers

Compatibility issues and the initial limited release of 5G have hindered edge computing adoption. But widescale 5G rollouts, advances in AI and new use cases could drive deployment.

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SASE operational pain points and how to fix them

SASE offers companies a compelling security strategy, but it takes time to ensure network teams have the visibility and management oversight they need.

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Networking Basics

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    secure access service edge (SASE)

    Secure access service edge (SASE), pronounced sassy, is a cloud architecture model that bundles together network and cloud-native security technologies and delivers them as a single cloud service.

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    Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

    Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is a standard protocol on the internet that ensures the reliable transmission of data between devices on a network.

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    CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing or supernetting)

    CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing or supernetting) is a method of assigning IP addresses that improves the efficiency of address distribution and replaces the previous system based on Class A, Class B and Class C networks.

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