Mobile and wireless networks

Mobile and wireless networks are always evolving. Cellular technology has matured from 4G to 5G, which of course will lead to 6G innovations and networks. Wi-Fi has also seen several iterations of standards with Wi-Fi 6 as the latest generation. Despite their maturity, discover how wireless LAN (WLAN) systems continue to undergo transformations.

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  • Wi-Fi 6E

    Wi-Fi 6E is one variant of the 802.11ax standard. Continue Reading

  • Wi-Fi 6

    Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, is the latest generation and standard for wireless networking that replaces the 802.11ac, or Wi-Fi 5, standard. Continue Reading

  • line of sight (LOS)

    Line of sight (LOS) is the imaginary line between an observer and the target. In communication, line of sight is the direct path from a transmitter to the receiver and the obstructions that may fall in that path. Continue Reading

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