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Slack will add video to impromptu meeting app Huddles

Slack brings video meetings to Huddles this fall to encourage people to hold quick conversations without switching to Microsoft Teams or Zoom.


Zoom provides app tools to more developers

Educators, doctors and finance professionals use Zoom differently, so the company wants developers to help it meet each group's specific video conferencing needs.


3 use cases highlight AI and speech recognition evolution

The combination of AI and speech recognition has driven innovation for more advanced capabilities. Explore three applications that highlight the future of speech technology.


Microsoft updates Teams to filter out echoes

Microsoft will make Teams calls more like telephone conversations, using AI to filter out background noise and echoes that disrupt conversations.

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    What is a hybrid meeting?

    Employees are now signing into meetings from a variety of locations. What's the best way to support hybrid meetings and to ensure that workers remain productive and engaged?

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    VoIP gateway vs. PBX: What is the difference?

    When calls are transmitted over a VoIP gateway, voice data packets are assembled at the edge of the network. An IP private branch exchange uses a much different model.

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    Where do Zoom recordings go? How to find saved recordings

    Zoom meeting recordings are saved and stored on your desktop or the Zoom cloud. But your organization may have security rules that restrict meeting recordings.

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