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IT pros face hybrid work technology challenges

Enterprises need specialized video conferencing equipment for office spaces that are usually empty to accommodate both in-office and remote participants during meetings.


Successful hybrid working mixes tech, policy and culture

IT leaders at Enterprise Connect discuss their strategies for successful hybrid working, from transparent team agreements to parity between home and office setups.


Collaboration tools help and hinder workplace accessibility

Cloud-based collaboration tools have improved workplace accessibility for people with disabilities. But IT leaders must examine where collaboration tools still fall short.


Microsoft updates Teams for faster online collaboration

The tech giant's popular collaboration platform gets new features including enabled multi-tenant accounts, QR code sign-in for hot desking and interoperability with Cisco devices.

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    How to use Webex with OBS to enhance meetings

    As the working world shifts to hybrid, companies look for ways to improve virtual meetings. OBS facilitates this by providing enhancements to video calls for Webex users.

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    vishing (voice or VoIP phishing)

    Vishing (voice or VoIP phishing) is a type of cyber attack that uses voice and telephony technologies to trick targeted individuals into revealing sensitive data to unauthorized entities.

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    What is a jitter buffer used for?

    Jitter buffers play a key role in supporting audio quality and mitigating network anomalies. Learn how jitter buffers work and their potential drawbacks.

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