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An explanation of rich communication services

In this video, TechTarget editor Tommy Everson talks about rich communication services.

The future of messaging is rich.

Rich communication services, or RCS, is a messaging protocol widely considered to be the next generation of text messaging. It aims to replace short message service, or SMS. While SMS is powered exclusively by cellular networks, RCS lets you exchange multimedia messages through both cellular networks and internet-powered networks like Wi-Fi, enabling support for more engaging and interactive features.

Here, we'll discuss the ins and outs of RCS. While SMS limits users to exchanging 160-character text messages, RCS accommodates more advanced messaging features, similar to those found in apps and services like iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. With RCS, users can share audio messages, transfer files, create group chats, see typing notifications, receive read receipts, share locations, tag other users and more.

RCS presents a diverse range of opportunities for businesses -- from sharing interactive chatbots to facilitate customer service, or sending customers booking confirmations, boarding passes and loyalty cards.

RCS brings forth a number of benefits, including better collaboration, improved customer engagement, advanced security protocols like authentication and encryption, and increased opportunities for revenue generation.

But, as with any technology, RCS also presents some challenges, including interoperability -- uneven security protocol support, network congestion, latency, complexity and cost.

First introduced in 2007, RCS has gained steady traction in the telecom industry. Google released it to its Android users in 2019, which was a promising step toward wider adoption. Naturally, there was speculation around whether Apple would adopt the technology. In November 2023, however, after years of reluctance, Apple announced plans to adopt RCS by the end of 2024.

All-in-all, RCS offers a revamped way of messaging designed to serve communications needs well into the future. How do you see RCS influencing the way we communicate? Let us know in the comments, and remember to like and subscribe, too.

Tommy Everson is an assistant editor for video content at TechTarget. He assists in content creation for TechTarget's YouTube channel and TikTok page.

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