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5 marketing campaign failure examples

Apple aimed to showcase the new iPad's versatility. Instead, they faced backlash for a thoughtless ad that crushed dreams, marking a notable marketing failure.

An explanation of TCP/IP

These fundamental protocols make transferring data easier by focusing on both communication and transportation through different mediums.

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The importance of Scrum masters

Learn about guiding questions and leadership skills to strive for success in a project management company in this video.

Top 6 examples of humanoid robots

Humanoids are a blend of AI and robotics. Meet top contenders, including Sophia, Atlas, Ameca, Geminoid DK, Nadine and Pepper, and explore their remarkable features.

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HPE to offer KVM virtualization for GreenLake Private Cloud

HPE debuts its virtualization capability for HPE Private Cloud later this year as an integrated GreenLake alternative to third-party vendors such as ...

Datadobi adds analysis and dashboards to StorageMap

Customers can now see where their critical data is, make a better representation of it and move it to where it is most effectively utilized.

Mueller: Clean core is the 'right way' for SAP cloud migration

In this Q&A, SAP CTO Juergen Mueller explains why a clean core is critical for moving to S/4HANA cloud and how the enterprise architect can help ...

Post-lawsuit, Splunk and Cribl meet again in data pipelines

Weeks after a jury awarded Splunk $1 in its lawsuit against Cribl, the two vendors remain on a collision course, this time in the realm of data ...

  • cloud security

    Cloud security, also known as 'cloud computing security,' is a set of policies, practices and controls deployed to protect ...

  • privacy impact assessment (PIA)

    A privacy impact assessment (PIA) is a method for identifying and assessing privacy risks throughout the development lifecycle of...

  • proof of concept (PoC) exploit

    A proof of concept (PoC) exploit is a nonharmful attack against a computer or network. PoC exploits are not meant to cause harm, ...

  • data collection

    Data collection is the process of gathering data for use in business decision-making, strategic planning, research and other ...

  • chief trust officer

    A chief trust officer (CTrO) in the IT industry is an executive job title given to the person responsible for building confidence...

  • green IT (green information technology)

    Green IT (green information technology) is the practice of creating and using environmentally sustainable computing resources.

  • diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

    Diversity, equity and inclusion is a term used to describe policies and programs that promote the representation and ...

  • ADP Mobile Solutions

    ADP Mobile Solutions is a self-service mobile app that enables employees to access work records such as pay, schedules, timecards...

  • director of employee engagement

    Director of employee engagement is one of the job titles for a human resources (HR) manager who is responsible for an ...

Customer Experience
  • digital marketing

    Digital marketing is the promotion and marketing of goods and services to consumers through digital channels and electronic ...

  • contact center schedule adherence

    Contact center schedule adherence is a standard metric used in business contact centers to determine whether contact center ...

  • customer retention

    Customer retention is a metric that measures customer loyalty, or an organization's ability to retain customers over time.