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virtual agent

A virtual agent -- sometimes called an intelligent virtual agent, virtual rep or chatbot -- is a software program that uses scripted rules and, increasingly, artificial intelligence (AI) applications to provide automated service or guidance to humans.See More

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  • AI lawsuits explained: Who's getting sued?

    Authors, artists and others are filing lawsuits against generative AI companies for using their data in bulk to train AI systems without permission.

  • 10 top AI jobs in 2023

    The AI revolution is changing many jobs and creating some new ones. Learn the top skills, industries and jobs that AI is making its mark on.

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carbon accounting

Carbon accounting is the process of calculating and tracking the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions both produced and removed from the biosphere by an organization.

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Amazon's $4B investment in Anthropic fuels GenAI race

This makes the tech giant Anthropic's primary cloud provider. This arrangement is different from Google's investment in the AI startup and ...

Lessons on integrating generative AI into the enterprise

At Generative AI World 2023, various industries convened to explore existing and potential generative AI use cases. Review insights from one ...

New Anyscale service enables fine-tuning of open source LLMs

The AI startup introduced a service that lets enterprises deploy large language models into their applications using popular LLM APIs like Llama 2.

Generative AI vs. predictive AI: Understanding the differences

Generative AI and predictive AI vary in how they handle use cases and unstructured and structured data, respectively. Explore the benefits and ...

  • remote infrastructure management

    Remote infrastructure management, or RIM, is a comprehensive approach to handling and overseeing an organization's IT ...

  • port address translation (PAT)

    Port address translation (PAT) is a type of network address translation (NAT) that maps a network's private internal IPv4 ...

  • network fabric

    'Network fabric' is a general term used to describe underlying data network infrastructure as a whole.

  • digital innovation

    Digital innovation is the adoption of modern digital technologies by a business.

  • business goals

    A business goal is an endpoint, accomplishment or target an organization wants to achieve in the short term or long term.

  • vertical SaaS (software as a service)

    Vertical SaaS describes a type of software as a service solution created for a specific industry, such as retail, financial ...

  • employee onboarding and offboarding

    Employee onboarding involves all the steps needed to get a new employee successfully deployed and productive, while offboarding ...

  • skill-based learning

    Skill-based learning develops students through hands-on practice and real-world application.

  • gamification

    Gamification is a strategy that integrates entertaining and immersive gaming elements into nongame contexts to enhance engagement...

Customer Experience
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based portfolio of business applications from Microsoft that are designed to help organizations improve ...

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based suite of products that enable e-commerce businesses to set up e-commerce sites, drive ...

  • Salesforce DX

    Salesforce DX, or SFDX, is a set of software development tools that lets developers build, test and ship many kinds of ...