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Cisco Talos techniques uncover ransomware sites on dark web

One of the three techniques Cisco Talos used to de-anonymize ransomware dark web sites is to match TLS certificate serial numbers from dark web leak sites to the clear web.


Why the next-gen telecom ecosystem needs better regulations

The telecom industry keeps the world connected but also poses national and cybersecurity risks. Learn why the sector needs better -- and uniform -- regulations.


Wiz launches open database to track cloud vulnerabilities

Wiz researchers Alon Schindel and Amitai Cohen and Scott Piper, cloud security engineer at Block, launched a database to list all known cloud vulnerabilities and security issues.

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Negotiating a golden parachute clause in a CISO contract

If a CISO becomes the company scapegoat after a security incident, a strong golden parachute clause can mean the difference between a soft landing and a hard crash.

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    How to determine out-of-scope bug bounty assets

    What happens when a security researcher discovers a bug in an out-of-scope asset? Learn how to handle bug bounty scope in this excerpt from 'Corporate Cybersecurity.'

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    Use ssh-keygen to create SSH key pairs and more

    Learn how to use ssh-keygen to create new key pairs, copy host keys, use a single login key pair for multiple hosts, retrieve key fingerprints and more in this tutorial.

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    7 enterprise patch management best practices

    It might not be the most exciting responsibility, but the value of a well-executed patch management strategy can't be denied. Use these best practices to build a smooth process.

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