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Importance of enterprise endpoint security during a pandemic

Enterprises often focus greatly on communications security and less on endpoint security. Review the importance of enterprise endpoint security and best practices to implement it.


Cybersecurity lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic

Cybersecurity lessons companies learn from the COVID-19 pandemic include having work-from-home preparations and developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans.


Amazon CSO Steve Schmidt talks prescriptive security for AWS

In part two of this Q&A, Amazon CSO Steve Schmidt discusses why AWS has taken a more prescriptive approach to customer security and how it influences areas like incident response.


Amazon CSO Steve Schmidt preaches fungible resources, MFA

In a Q&A with SearchSecurity, Amazon CSO Steve Schmidt discusses his time as head of AWS security and shifts the cloud provider made to improve its posture, as well as customers'.

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Information Security Basics

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    Data masking vs. data encryption: How do they differ?

    Discover how the data security techniques of data masking and data encryption compare, while also learning about different types of both and their use cases.

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    How to develop a data breach response plan: 5 steps

    A data breach response plan outlines how a business will react to a breach. Follow these five steps, and use our free template to develop your organization's plan.

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    data breach

    A data breach is a cyber attack in which sensitive, confidential or otherwise protected data has been accessed or disclosed in an unauthorized fashion.

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