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Ransomware gangs using Log4Shell to attack VMware instances

Ransomware groups are exploiting the Log4Shell flaw in VMware Horizon and using DLL sideloading techniques to exfiltrate and encrypt data, according to Trend Micro.


Cisco Talos techniques uncover ransomware sites on dark web

One of the three techniques Cisco Talos used to de-anonymize ransomware dark web sites is to match TLS certificate serial numbers from dark web leak sites to the clear web.


Why the next-gen telecom ecosystem needs better regulations

The telecom industry keeps the world connected but also poses national and cybersecurity risks. Learn why the sector needs better -- and uniform -- regulations.


Wiz launches open database to track cloud vulnerabilities

Wiz researchers Alon Schindel and Amitai Cohen and Scott Piper, cloud security engineer at Block, launched a database to list all known cloud vulnerabilities and security issues.

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Information Security Basics

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    How to conduct a cyber-resilience assessment

    It's a good cyber hygiene practice to periodically review your organization's cybersecurity plans and procedures. Use this checklist to guide your cyber-resilience assessment.

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    Negotiating a golden parachute clause in a CISO contract

    If a CISO becomes the company scapegoat after a security incident, a strong golden parachute clause can mean the difference between a soft landing and a hard crash.

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    Encryption is the method by which information is converted into secret code that hides the information's true meaning.

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