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An enterprise bug bounty program vs. VDP: Which is better?

Creating a bug bounty or vulnerability disclosure program? Learn which option might prove more useful, and get tips on getting a program off the ground.


Top 4 best practices to secure the SDLC

NIST's Secure Software Development Framework is a set of practices for mitigating software vulnerabilities. Learn about the top SDLC best practices included in this framework.


Researchers criticize Oracle's vulnerability disclosure process

While the critical flaws were reported in April, it took the vendor nearly half a year to issue patches, exceeding the standard responsible coordinated disclosure policy.


Chinese HUI Loader malware ups the ante on espionage attacks

A state-sponsored piece of malware may become a favorite weapon for Beijing-backed hacking crews looking to lift intellectual property from foreign firms.

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    How to determine out-of-scope bug bounty assets

    What happens when a security researcher discovers a bug in an out-of-scope asset? Learn how to handle bug bounty scope in this excerpt from 'Corporate Cybersecurity.'

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    Use ssh-keygen to create SSH key pairs and more

    Learn how to use ssh-keygen to create new key pairs, copy host keys, use a single login key pair for multiple hosts, retrieve key fingerprints and more in this tutorial.

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    7 enterprise patch management best practices

    It might not be the most exciting responsibility, but the value of a well-executed patch management strategy can't be denied. Use these best practices to build a smooth process.

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