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Barracuda: Replace vulnerable ESG devices 'immediately'

Customers with email security gateway appliances affected by a recent zero-day flaw, CVE-2023-2868, are being urged to replace devices, even if the hardware has been patched.


MoveIt Transfer flaw leads to wave of data breach disclosures

Organizations that have confirmed a data breach tied to the critical MoveIt flaw disclosed in May include the government of Nova Scotia, the BBC and HR software firm Zellis.


How to secure blockchain: 10 best practices

Blockchain has huge potential in the enterprise, but remember all emerging technologies come with their own risks. Consider these 10 best practices for securing blockchain.


What generative AI's rise means for the cybersecurity industry

ChatGPT's moment in cybersecurity is significant for both technological and marketing reasons. Security analysts and experts have their own reasons why.

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Information Security Basics

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    logon (or login)

    In computing, a logon is a procedure that enables an entity to access a secure system such as an operating system, application, service, website or other resource.

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    security analytics

    Security analytics is a cybersecurity approach that uses data collection, data aggregation and analysis tools for threat detection and security monitoring.

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    NICE Framework (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Cybersecurity Workforce Framework)

    The NICE Framework (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Cybersecurity Workforce Framework) is a reference resource that classifies the typical skill requirements and duties of cybersecurity workers.

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