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Apple files lawsuit against spyware vendor NSO Group

Apple sued the Israeli technology vendor, whose Pegasus spyware has been implicated in several malicious attacks on journalists, activists and government officials.


Researcher drops instant admin Windows zero-day bug

A newly-disclosed zero-day vulnerability in Windows could potentially allow local users to elevate their permissions to administrator status, and Microsoft has yet to post a fix.


How to talk about cybersecurity risks, colloquially

The cybersecurity field is riddled with confusion and complexity. Knowing how to talk about risk and how to manage it is key to building resilience.


GoDaddy discloses breach of 1.2M customer account details

Web hosting provider GoDaddy said an attacker broke into its Managed WordPress service and accessed the account details and SSL keys of 1.2 million customers.

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    black hat

    A black hat hacker has been historically used to describe one who has malicious intent -- such as theft of information, fraud or disrupting systems -- but increasingly, more specific terms are being used to describe those people.

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    cookie poisoning

    Cookie poisoning is a type of cyber attack in which a bad actor hijacks, forges, alters or manipulates a cookie to gain unauthorized access to a user's account, open a new account in the user's name or steal the user's information for purposes such ...

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    Footprinting is an ethical hacking technique used to gather as much data as possible about a specific targeted computer system, an infrastructure and networks to identify opportunities to penetrate them.

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