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The enduring importance of digital trust

Digital trust is an increasingly important issue, yet confusion remains about what exactly it is, how to achieve it and how to get started.


Microsoft's Recall changes might be too little, too late

Criticism of Microsoft's Recall feature continues even after the software giant announced several updates to address concerns from the infosec community.


Identiverse 2024: Key takeaways in identity security

The 2024 Identiverse conference addressed identity access management challenges, AI's ability to streamline IAM workflows and nonhuman identity management for identity pros.


AWS touts security culture, AI protections at re:Inforce 2024

AWS executives highlighted the company's longstanding security, which evoked comparisons to its chief cloud rival Microsoft and the recent Cyber Safety Review Board report.

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Information Security Basics

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    cloud security

    Cloud security, also known as 'cloud computing security,' is a set of policies, practices and controls deployed to protect cloud-based data, applications and infrastructure from cyberattacks and cyberthreats.

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    privacy impact assessment (PIA)

    A privacy impact assessment (PIA) is a method for identifying and assessing privacy risks throughout the development lifecycle of a program or system.

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    Zero trust vs. defense in depth: What are the differences?

    Security administrators don't have to choose between zero-trust and defense-in-depth cybersecurity methodologies. Learn how the two frameworks complement each other.

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