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Twitter fined $150M for misusing 2FA data

The DOJ and FTC said the social media company misused consumers' personal data for advertisement purposes, from which it gained benefit.


Top 4 source code security best practices

Software supply chain attacks are on the rise. Follow these source code best practices to protect both in-house and third-party code.


'Pantsdown' BMC vulnerability still present in Quanta servers

Eclypsium found that a critical security flaw first disclosed in 2019 remains exposed in many internet-facing servers, leaving networks at risk for remote code execution attacks.


Verizon DBIR: Stolen credentials led to nearly 50% of attacks

The 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report revealed enterprises' ongoing struggle with securing credentials and avoiding common mistakes such as misconfigurations.

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    How to conduct a cyber-war gaming exercise

    A successful cyber-war game can help organizations find weaknesses in their system but only if the right participants are involved and an after-action review is completed.

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    man in the browser (MitB)

    Man in the browser (MitB) is a security attack where the perpetrator installs a Trojan horse on the victim's computer that is capable of modifying that user's web transactions.

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    Zero trust vs. zero-knowledge proof: What's the difference?

    Zero-knowledge proofs can help companies implement a zero-trust framework. Learn about the two concepts and how they come together to better secure networks.

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