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Top zero-trust certifications, training for IT pros

Most organizations are expected to implement zero trust in the next few years. Learn about zero-trust certifications and trainings that can help prepare your security team.


Secureworks finds network intruders see little resistance

A report from Secureworks found that in many network intrusions, the attackers only need to employ basic, unsophisticated measures to evade detection.


Tenable shifts focus, launches exposure management platform

The company said it's expanding beyond vulnerability management to address the growing attack surface and the challenges customers face to address it.


The enterprise case for zero trust

Still hesitating to adopt zero trust? Learn about the main zero-trust use cases, as well as its benefits, myths and trends that are beginning to emerge.

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Information Security Basics

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    The 5 principles of zero-trust security

    Zero trust is a journey, not a destination. Ensure your corporate network is safe from internal and external threats by implementing these five principles of zero-trust security.

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    Why zero trust requires microsegmentation

    Microsegmentation is a key security technique that enables organizations to achieve a zero-trust model and helps ensure the security of workloads regardless of where they are located.

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    Zero trust vs. defense in depth: What are the differences?

    Security administrators don't have to choose between zero-trust and defense-in-depth cybersecurity methodologies. Learn how the two frameworks complement each other.

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