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BadgerDAO users' cryptocurrency stolen in cyber attack

Following last week's attack, BadgerDAO sent the threat actor a message, offering to 'compensate' the individual for finding a vulnerability in the company's systems.


Google takes action against blockchain-based Glupteba botnet

In a legal complaint made public Tuesday, Google said that it "has been and continues to be directly injured" by the actions of the Glupteba botnet.

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Why image-based phishing emails are difficult to detect

Image-based phishing emails are becoming increasingly popular with attackers. Learn how these hard-to-detect scams bypass email filters to infiltrate victims' systems.


Top 11 email security best practices for 2022

Attackers exploit email every day to break into corporate networks, but the risk can be reduced by promoting 11 email security best practices.

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Information Security Basics

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    Melissa virus

    Melissa was a type of email virus that initially become an issue in early 1999.

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    Twofish is a symmetric-key block cipher with a block size of 128 bits and variable-length key of size 128, 192 or 256 bits.

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    How to create a company password policy, with template

    Use these guidelines and our free template to ensure your company's password policy sets the ground rules for strong and effective password creation and use.

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