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FinOps model eases cloud billing complexities

Cloud cost management is a top priority on admin's minds. FinOps expert Mike Fuller talks about cloud billing challenges and how to overcome them in this Q&A.


Oracle officially supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux on OCI

Responding to user demand, Oracle struck a deal with Red Hat to make the latter's Enterprise Linux operating system an integral part of Oracle's multi-cloud strategy.


Latest Google Cloud AI shines spotlight on retail automation

AI-powered automated inventory tracking systems aren't perfect. However, retailers with high rates of lost sales from missing items in stores could still achieve a decent ROI.

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How to set up autoscaling in Azure Kubernetes Service

Explore scaling options in AKS, such as the horizontal pod and the cluster autoscaler. Then, follow a step-by-step tutorial on how to manually and automatically scale resources.

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Cloud computing Basics

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    cloud IDE

    A cloud IDE is a web-based integrated development platform.

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    multi-tenant cloud

    A multi-tenant cloud is a cloud computing architecture that allows customers to share computing resources in a public or private cloud.

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    Single-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application and supporting infrastructure serves one customer.

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