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Cost savings among the biggest cloud fallacies

Experts at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium described the advantages that justify the high cost of moving to the cloud while acknowledging the data center is best for some companies.


Dell takes an 'E pluribus unum' approach to multi-cloud

At Dell Technologies World, multi-cloud was a popular topic, especially how it can happen by accident. However, it seems to be evolving into a single, but integrated, set of clouds.


Evaluate key Azure Data Factory benefits and limitations

Organizations have plenty of options for data integration tools, some on premises and others in the cloud. Find out which type is the better fit and whether Azure is a good choice.


What is multi-cloud visibility, and how do I achieve it?

It's not always clear how visibility relates to monitoring or observability or how these terms fit together in a multi-cloud environment. Let's sort it out.

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    Examine IBM's hybrid cloud strategy

    IBM's focus on hybrid cloud efforts, including Cloud Paks and OpenShift, makes for a competitive option. See if its strategy fits your enterprise needs.

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    Understand AWS Regions vs. Availability Zones

    It's easy to forget about data centers when you run workloads in the cloud. Learn how AWS Regions and Availability Zones differ, and how they affect cloud costs and configurations.

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    Explore options for FinOps certifications and training

    Receiving a FinOps certification helps individuals develop their cloud financial management skills. Discover training and certification options that can help your resume stand out.

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