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What is data separation and why is it important in the cloud?

Some enterprises avoid the public cloud due to its multi-tenant nature and data security concerns. Learn what data separation is and how it can keep your data safe.


Compare Amazon Redshift, Athena and EMR for data analysis

Trying to decide among Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift and Amazon Athena? Check out this overview of capabilities and use cases to help narrow down your choice.


Compare a cloud-first vs. cloud-smart strategy

Is it better to be 'first' or 'smart' in cloud? Compare the two strategies to determine which will help achieve your organization's goals.

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A primer on AWS tagging with best practices

Consistency and standardization are critical to a successful AWS tagging strategy. Consider these best practices to organize and optimize your organization's workloads.

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  • Cloud provider platforms and tools

    Matt Garman to replace Adam Selipsky as AWS CEO

    Matt Garman will become the new CEO at AWS. He will replace Adam Selipsky, a tech veteran who came to the role when current Amazon CEO Andy Jassy took over for Jeff Bezos.

  • Cloud infrastructure design and management

    Oracle databases in OCI now run on Microsoft Azure

    A new partnership between two enterprise technology giants adds Oracle's hardware and software for Microsoft Azure customers, as former rivals unite to compete against AWS.

  • Cloud deployment and architecture

    Prices for cloud infrastructure soar 30%

    Tough macroeconomic conditions as well as high average selling prices for cloud computing and storage servers have forced enterprises to spend less on private cloud infrastructure.

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