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Top 11 cloud certifications for 2024

Cloud certifications are available for all levels of cloud expertise. Use this guide to evaluate basic, topic-specific, high-level and vendor-neutral certifications.


Amazon ECS vs. Kubernetes: Which should you use on AWS?

Learn the basics about Amazon ECS and Kubernetes, as well as EKS and Fargate, before you choose an application architecture for your workloads on AWS.

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Introduction to cloud computing

This short video explains the essentials of cloud computing and its three major types. Learn the difference between public and private cloud and the top benefits.


What you need to know about Microsoft Azure Spot VMs

The cost of spot prices can be a risk-and-reward kind of strategy. Better understand the risks that come with Azure Spot VMs so your enterprise can reap the rewards.

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Cloud computing Basics

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    Google Transfer Appliance

    Google Transfer Appliance is a high-capacity storage server that enables enterprises to transport large volumes of data to Google Cloud Storage.

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    Upskill your cloud team for success

    An investment in people is an investment in the company. See how a trained and upskilled staff can have a positive impact on productivity and profits.

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    OpenStack is a collection of open source software modules and tools that provides organizations with a framework to create and manage both public cloud and private cloud infrastructure.

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  • Cloud infrastructure design and management

    Oracle databases in OCI now run on Microsoft Azure

    A new partnership between two enterprise technology giants adds Oracle's hardware and software for Microsoft Azure customers, as former rivals unite to compete against AWS.

  • Cloud deployment and architecture

    Prices for cloud infrastructure soar 30%

    Tough macroeconomic conditions as well as high average selling prices for cloud computing and storage servers have forced enterprises to spend less on private cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud infrastructure design and management

    Refining HPE GreenLake as it sets its sights on everything

    HPE's Bryan Thompson talks about how HPE GreenLake has become synonymous with the brand, and looks to its future and how the platform will meet customers' specific needs.

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