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HPE to offer KVM virtualization for GreenLake private cloud

HPE debuts its virtualization capability for HPE Private Cloud later this year as an integrated GreenLake alternative to third-party vendors such as VMware, Nutanix or Red Hat.


4 popular machine learning certificates to get in 2024

AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft offer machine learning certifications that can further your career. Learn what to expect from each one, as well as skills and tips you should know.

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What is data separation and why is it important in the cloud?

Some enterprises avoid the public cloud due to its multi-tenant nature and data security concerns. Learn what data separation is and how it can keep your data safe.


Compare Amazon Redshift, Athena and EMR for data analysis

Trying to decide among Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift and Amazon Athena? Check out this overview of capabilities and use cases to help narrow down your choice.

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