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Cloud experts and their AWS re:Invent 2022 predictions

As AWS prepares for its biggest event of the year, our contributors predict what the cloud vendor will unveil at re:Invent 2022.


Compare Amazon Lightsail vs. EC2 for your web app needs

Not all developers need, or want, the full capabilities of Amazon EC2. See if the scaled-back and simplified Amazon Lightsail is the better fit for your application.


VMware adds multi-cloud management tools

VMware debuted HCX+, a managed service for multi-cloud data centers, as well as Kubernetes capabilities for private clouds and more SD-WAN points of presence.


Top 11 benefits of cloud computing

On-premises environments aren't the best fit for all organizations. Discover the top benefits of cloud computing that can save time, money and resources.

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Cloud computing Basics

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    usage-based pricing

    Usage-based pricing is a consumption-based pricing model in which customers are charged only when they use a product or service.

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    Google Cloud Nearline Storage

    Google Cloud Nearline Storage is a public cloud storage service from Google intended for storing infrequently accessed data.

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    Google Cloud Coldline Storage

    Google Cloud Coldline Storage is a public cloud cold storage service for infrequently accessed data.

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