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Chinese threat group exploited VMware vulnerability in 2021

After VMware confirmed that CVE-2023-34048 had been exploited, Mandiant attributed the activity to a China-nexus threat group and revealed that exploitation began in late 2021.

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Microsoft Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere: Feature Comparison

Hyper-V and VMware are in a perpetual battle for supremacy in the virtualization market. Although the hypervisors have similar features, they differ on some key capabilities.


VDI alternatives to Citrix and VMware for remote work

Many organizations will go with remote and virtual desktop services from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, but there are many alternatives on the market. Check out these 11 vendors.

Broadcom drops VMware perpetual licences and support

Customers are being offered a big discount to migrate onto a VMware subscription service

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