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SUSE Rancher gears up amid VMware-Broadcom 'feeding frenzy'

SUSE Rancher bolsters its bid to capture users dissatisfied with Broadcom's changes to VMware with the acquisition of StackState and other updates to its Prime package.

VMware/Broadcom: Prepare for legacy support

VMware is not going away anytime soon. While some IT leaders may be feeling the pain of Broadcom’s changes, they still need to seek a long-term plan


StorMagic debuts HCI, hypervisor as VMware alternative

StorMagic looks to court customers with smaller data centers for SMBs and the edge with SvHCI, a new VMware alternative with a KVM-based hypervisor and HCI capabilities.


VMware Cloud on AWS now sold exclusively by Broadcom

Broadcom discontinues AWS as a reseller of VMware Cloud on AWS, further evidence that it wants hands-on control of how the VM technology is sold, supported and distributed.

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