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Octopus Deploy reels in Codefresh for GitOps expertise

By joining forces in CI/CD and GitOps, the combined companies look to even the odds with bigger competitors, but this will be a daunting task, experts predict.


Top 10 differences between GitHub and Git

Enterprise development teams need to know these major differences between Git and GitHub, but also how they serve different purposes and be used together effectively.


Linkerd paywall prompts online debate, CNCF TOC review

Linkerd's decision to charge for access to stable builds of its service mesh code sparks objections and debate about open source governance, along with an official CNCF response.


Some Linkerd service mesh users will soon have to pay

Companies with more than 50 employees using Linkerd service mesh in production must pay Buoyant for stable releases starting in May. Open source users and analysts weigh in.

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    How to effectively use DORA metrics in DevOps

    DORA metrics can help organizations standardize their DevOps approach. Explore the DORA framework's benefits and limitations and how to evaluate performance against its metrics.

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    Containers as a service (CaaS) is a cloud-based service that provides a secure environment for running containerized applications.

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    A hypervisor is software that facilitates running multiple virtual machines (VMs) with their own operating systems on a single computer host's hardware.

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