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Linkerd service mesh production users will soon have to pay

Companies with more than 50 employees using Linkerd service mesh in production must pay Buoyant for stable releases starting in May. Open source users and analysts weigh in.


Dapr brings microservices principles to platform engineering

With microservices now mainstream -- and past the trough of disillusionment -- a framework developed for them appeals to platform engineers with shared services consistency.


Observe ties in Snowflake to slash observability costs

The emerging competitor to Dynatrace, Datadog and Splunk shuns AIOps, and its approach to data management and price tag intrigued one experienced customer.


GitOps vendor's close echoes wider funding, open-core woes

Score one for IT orgs that rely solely on upstream code, as Flux CD sails on. But Weaveworks' demise points to larger issues for vendor sustainability, especially in open source.

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    A hypervisor is software that facilitates running multiple virtual machines (VMs) with their own operating systems on a single computer host's hardware.

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    on-demand computing

    On-demand computing (ODC) is a delivery model in which computing resources are made available to the user as needed.

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    ServiceNow is a software company that provides a cloud-based, AI-driven platform for automating multiple management workflows in enterprises. The company specializes in IT service management, IT operations management and IT business management.

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