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Acquire these 10 skills to become a DevOps engineer

DevOps plays a critical role in modern IT. As app development and deployment practices change, orgs will seek pros with hands-on experience -- and the skills to match.


Now a graduated CNCF project, Istio contests complexity rep

Boasting a broader contributor base, including Microsoft, and with service mesh on the verge of going fully mainstream, Istio advocates look to shake the project's early image.


Observability, security unity in Cisco's Splunk acquisition

As more organizations merge security and observability, Cisco's acquisition of Splunk adds another intriguing element for IT shops to consider in their toolkits.


What Cisco's Splunk acquisition means for app modernization

Cisco's networking prowess and Splunk's data analytics power will now be under one roof. Here's what can IT teams expect with this mega acquisition between two tech giants.

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    A guide to the key stages of AIOps

    The key stages that make up AIOps all play an important role in achieving desired results. Successful adoption hinges on a team's ability to master them.

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    Get started with Argo CD workflow examples for Kubernetes

    Argo CD workflows can make managing Kubernetes clusters simpler and more efficient. Learn how to install Argo CD and set up an application to get started.

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    Docker is an open source software platform used to create, deploy and manage virtualized application containers on a common operating system (OS), with an ecosystem of allied tools.

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