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AWS, Splunk and more launch cybersecurity analytics standard

AWS and other IT vendors will start building connectors based on a new standard schema meant to streamline data sharing between cybersecurity tools.


DevOps vs. AgileOps: What's the difference?

While AgileOps may seem like a sign that the IT industry has reached 'peak Ops,' the approach could enable DevOps teams to further refine their operations.


How to create and manage a rock-solid DevSecOps framework

Going from DevOps to DevSecOps requires a serious adjustment -- but it's a change that improves both the IT ecosystem and the IT department's collaboration prowess.


Docker's rootless mode a welcome security update

Docker containers have root privileges by default -- a known security issue for several years. Now Docker's rootless mode separates containers from underlying infrastructure.

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    Step-by-step guide to working with Crossplane and Kubernetes

    Crossplane is built to extend Kubernetes resources to and from external sources like databases, the cloud or the edge. Try out the tool, and learn its processes with this tutorial.

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    real user monitoring (RUM)

    Real user monitoring (RUM) is a technology used by developers and network operators to gain real-world observability into web performance and service availability.

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    An introduction to SRE documentation best practices

    SRE documentation stands distinct from other types of IT documentation, not least because it's a core responsibility for site reliability engineers. What else makes it distinct?

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