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Climate LLC taps feature flags for mobile app development

Feature flags facilitated fast rollbacks and trunk-based mobile development for a digital farming software maker amid volatility due to business growth and climate change.


Environments as a service tackle development bottlenecks

Environments as a service are gaining traction as a tool to reduce delays, manage environments and improve developer productivity, according to industry analysts.


Intel SDKs give developers tools for AI, quantum software

Intel launched new SDKs for AI and quantum computing and added tools underpinned by the Intel Developer Cloud in an effort to attract developers to build on its hardware.


Globalization won't fix software engineer shortage

While a global talent search can fill niche positions and diversify a development team, it isn't a silver bullet for the software engineer shortage, experts say.

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    How you can incorporate lean coffee for Agile, QA meetings

    Don't let formal meeting agendas turn away attendees. The lean coffee format encourages participation and idea sharing on topics to drive conversation in numerous settings.

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    Why security chaos engineering works, and how to do it right

    While 'chaos' doesn't sound like something software security managers would want, chaos engineering has an enticing amount of value when it comes to identifying potential threats.

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    green software

    Green software, also known as sustainable software, is software that is designed, developed and implemented to limit energy consumption and have minimal environmental impact.

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