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COBOL programming skills gap thwarts modernization to Java

The challenge of migrating COBOL applications to run in the cloud is made nearly impossible with tricky line-to-line conversions and a lack of developers with the right skills.


Devs don't trust AI in software testing

Artificial intelligence can eliminate mundane testing tasks and reduce bugs without human intervention, but its inner machinations make testers uneasy.


Velocity-over-quality mindset leads to software testing gaps

Insufficient software testing happens because of a lack of talent, time and cash. But inattentive CEOs and development methodologies such as Agile also contribute to the problem.


7 essential GitHub features for dev, project management

When teams use GitHub, they want features that simplify project management and enable more control. Here are seven features to tinker with during application development.

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Software Quality Basics

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    green software

    Green software, also known as sustainable software, is software that is designed, developed and implemented to limit energy consumption and have minimal environmental impact.

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    synthetic monitoring

    Synthetic monitoring is the use of software to simulate user interactions with a system.

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    SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method)

    SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method) is a widely used computer application development method in the United Kingdom, where its use is often specified as a requirement for government computing projects.

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