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Learn Jenkins: Tutorial for beginners

If you're a DevOps professional who wants to continuously integrate code, master the creation of build pipelines and confidently automate deployment tasks, this Jenkins tutorial is for you.

Learn Jenkins fast

Designed to help beginners learn the Jenkins CI tool from scratch, this video tutorial starts with the basics but progresses logically and incrementally into advanced DevOps-related topics.

The first build job in this CI/CD tutorial is at the "Hello World" level, but by the end of the course, viewers will be able to script advanced Jenkins pipelines that will impress seasoned DevOps professionals.

A Jenkins tutorial for beginners

Here are the 11 key topics covered in this Jenkins tutorial for beginners:

  1. Jenkins installation and configuration.
  2. Fundamentals of CI/CD.
  3. Build job creation and troubleshooting.
  4. Comparison of declarative and scripted pipelines.
  5. Git and GitHub integration.
  6. Coding Jenkins pipelines in Kotlin and Groovy.
  7. Monitoring and reporting.
  8. Maven and Gradle integration.
  9. Packaging Java- and Python-based microservices.
  10. Docker-based delivery.
  11. Deployment to AWS provisioned resources.

Whether you need to automate simple tasks with a Jenkins build job or need to learn how to script complex Jenkins pipelines and hooks, this Jenkins CI crash course is for you.

Cameron McKenzie has been a Java EE software engineer for 20 years. His current specialties include Agile development, DevOps and container-based technologies, such as Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes.

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