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4 enterprise architect skills you should never overlook

While there's certainly plenty that goes into being an enterprise architect, what skills are the absolute 'must haves' to stay on top of the job? We examine a few.

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Falcor vs. GraphQL: The differences that matter

While both essentially represent two approaches to a similar end goal, there are some key differences between GraphQL and Falcor that are worth understanding.

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A quick look at the Carbon programming language

Carbon is an experimental programming language built to stand on the shoulders of C++ -- but with a new outlook on memory safety, threading and functional programming.


The enduring link between Conway's Law and microservices

While Conway's Law is a decades-old concept, some would argue that the industry's rush to adopt microservices makes this take on development team structure more relevant than ever.

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Application Architecture Basics

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    API security

    Application program interface (API) security refers to policies and procedures that protect APIs against malicious attacks and vulnerabilities.

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    data type

    In software programming, data type refers to the type of value a variable has and what type of mathematical, relational or logical operations can be applied without causing an error.

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    state machine diagram

    A state diagram (also known as a state machine or statechart diagram) is an illustration of all the possible behavioral states a software system component may exhibit and the various state changes it's predicted to undergo over the course of its ...

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