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  • Making Observability Data Work for You

    Paul Nashawaty, Senior Analyst, ESG and Buddy Brewer, Chief Product Officer, Mezmo

    Demand is growing for observability data—especially for businesses that want to provide stellar customer experiences, remain secure and compliant, ...more

    Play December 01 2022| 28 mins More on: Observability, ESG, AWS
  • Modernizing the Security Practice for Cloud

    Melinda Marks, Senior Analyst, ESG and Aiden Walden, Global Director of Public Cloud Architecture & Engineering, Fortinet

    As cloud adoption continues to soar, IT and cybersecurity leaders must work together to keep up with the evolving market. Cloud and cybersecurity ...more

    Play December 01 2022| 24 mins More on: ESG, AWS, IT Security
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