Scrum master certification exam questions and answers

Are you ready for the Scrum master certification exam? Test yourself on these 10 tough Scrum master exam questions and answers.

Scrum certification, either as a certified Scrum master or a certified product owner, is an extremely challenging credential to achieve.

There is a great deal of nuance to the text of the Scrum Guide, which makes proper interpretation and application of the guide tricky. Furthermore, the threshold to pass the Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) and Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO) exams is an intimidating 85%.

There is very little room for error to achieve the goal of Scrum certification.

The toughest Scrum master exam questions

In my work with individuals pursuing accreditation, I have found the following 10 Scrum master certification exam questions to be the most challenging.

Students struggle with these questions because they deal with topics not explicitly covered in the Scrum Guide, such as the following:

  • Product integration.
  • Team dynamics.
  • Active adaptation.
  • Stakeholder communication.

However, despite the difficulty of these questions, there is a simple trick that makes it incredibly easy to answer them.

But first, answer these 10 tough Scrum master certification exam questions. Then, I'll explain a trick to help pass the exam. For those on the margins, the trick could be the difference between passing the test and failing it. For others, it will be the difference between a passing score and close to a perfect score on the Scrum exams.

The journey starts with these 10 tough Scrum certification exam questions.

10 Scrum certification exam questions and answers

Improve your Scrum certification exam score

I promised to reveal a trick to help boost your score on Scrum certification exams, so here it is.

Reframe the Scrum question so it's not about software development.

Scrum is a popular framework for organizations to apply Agile methodologies to software development. However, Scrum values find plenty of use in other industries such as manufacturing and construction.

So, take the Scrum questions out of a software development context. Imagine using it to build a house, or even a shipwreck survival scenario. You'll better understand and appreciate the Scrum framework and values and how to apply them.

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