Google Cloud Coldline Storage

What is Google Cloud Coldline Storage?

Google Cloud Coldline Storage is a public cloud cold storage service for infrequently accessed data. It is specifically designed to store data that organizations access once a quarter.

The Coldline service requires a 90-day minimum storage duration. It provides slightly lower availability than other storage classes, with only 99.95% in multi-regions and dual-regions, as well as 99.9% in regions.

Google Cloud Coldline is one of four cloud storage classes within the Google cloud storage platform. The other three classes are the following:

  • Google Cloud Standard Storage. For frequently accessed data, also known as "hot data."
  • Google Cloud Nearline Storage. For infrequently accessed data and a 30-day minimum storage duration.
  • Google Cloud Archive Storage. For data archiving, online backup and disaster recovery with a 365-day minimum storage duration.
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All storage classes include features such as the following:

  • unlimited storage with no minimum object size;
  • worldwide accessibility and storage locations;
  • 999999999% annual durability;
  • geo-redundancy; and
  • low latency.

Coldline pricing is based on a pay-per-usage model, and as of this writing, it starts at $0.004 per GB, per month and price varies by region. Additionally, there is a data retrieval fee of $0.02 per GB.

Google Cloud Coldline is used primarily by cloud administrators, archive managers, compliance officers and any other IT professional that needs to store data that's infrequently accessed by enterprise applications and users.

In addition, Google Cloud Coldline Storage is able to integrate with other services within Google Cloud, such as Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine.

This was last updated in November 2022

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