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Does macOS need third-party antivirus in the enterprise?

Macs are known for their security, but that doesn't mean they're safe from viruses and other threats. IT teams can look into third-party antivirus tools to bolster macOS security.


Are devices that run only Microsoft Teams in our future?

Microsoft Teams has consistently grown and added new functionality, so what's next for this feature-rich platform? Maybe a dedicated device for Teams could be in the future.


Setting up Windows 11 kiosk mode with 4 different methods

Windows 11 kiosk mode offers improvements over previous versions for desktop admins. IT should learn these four methods and choose the best deployment for their organization.


6 Mac antivirus options to improve internet security

Organizations with macOS desktops under their management need to ensure their security products can support Macs. Review these six antivirus products with macOS support.

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    A treemap is a visual method for displaying hierarchical data that uses nested rectangles to represent the branches of a tree diagram.

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    Microsoft Windows 10 Shared PC Mode

    Microsoft Windows 10 Shared PC Mode is an operating system feature that allows IT administrators to configure computers for multiple user access.

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    Microsoft Windows Defender Device Guard

    Windows Defender Device Guard is a security feature for Windows 10 and Windows Server designed to use application whitelisting and code integrity policies to protect users' devices from malicious code that could compromise the operating system.

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