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Using the Intune management extension for PowerShell scripts

Intune and PowerShell have a lot of unique management actions they can take, but with the help of the Intune management extension, they can communicate and manage more efficiently.


Intel promotes new computing era with AI PC

Intel says its upcoming Core Ultra will help lead personal computing to the AI PC era by making AI processing a mainstream task on PCs, like office productivity and video editing.

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4 ways that I use generative AI as an analyst

Many use cases for generative AI involve projecting to the future and aren't currently easy to use. However, these four use cases are available currently with generative AI.


How to handle rugged device management in the enterprise

Certain endpoint use cases require ruggedization to ensure devices aren't physically compromised. IT still needs to manage these devices, regardless of the OS or device type.

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    How to restart the Intune Management Extension agent service

    When IT has issues with Intune deploying commands to endpoints, IT teams should consider restarting the Intune Management Extension to address lingering issues.

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    BIOS password

    A BIOS password is authentication information that's sometimes required to log into a computer's basic input/output system (BIOS) settings before a computer boots up.

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    Windows as a service

    Windows as a service is the approach Microsoft introduced with Windows 10 to deploy, update and service the operating system.

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