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Query event logs with PowerShell to find malicious activity

Every action on a Windows Server system gets recorded, so don't get caught by an avoidable security incident. Learn how to find potential security problems in event logs.


Microsoft corrects Windows zero-day for May Patch Tuesday

Administrators should plan on extra testing after deploying this month's patches due to the heavy concentration of fixes in three distinct areas of the Windows OS.


Microsoft modern authentication deadline looms over Exchange

Support for basic authentication will end this year, giving administrators who haven't switched to a newer authentication method little time to prepare for a smooth transition.


Why admins should learn how to use Azure Logic Apps

In an increasingly cloudy IT world, the iPaaS offering from Microsoft can bridge management gaps with automated workflows that require little technical expertise.

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Windows Server Basics

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    Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

    Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a Windows server role that can plan, manage and deploy updates, patches and hotfixes for Windows servers, client operating systems and other Microsoft software.

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    SharePoint Online

    Microsoft SharePoint Online is a collection of cloud- and web-based technologies that make it easy for organizations to store, share and manage digital information.

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    Windows Server 2022 security hardening guide for admins

    Emerging threats continue to target the Windows ecosystem, but there are multiple methods to make it tougher to be the victim of a malicious hack attempt.

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