Microsoft Azure File Service

Microsoft Azure File Service is a is a cloud storage service that allows Windows Server administrators to access Server-Message-Block-Protocol (SMB) shares in the Azure cloud by setting up file shares in the Azure management console.

The Azure File Service allows applications that run in Azure to share files between virtual machines by using such standard file system APIs such as WriteFile or ReadFile. There are four scenarios in which Windows Server administrators can use Azure File Service.

  • Azure File Service can be a shared resource so test machines and development have access to one file share when installing tools, applications and utilities.
  • Azure File Service can be the central location in which applications leave configuration files. This is helpful when applications spread across VMs since they'll still be able to read settings files from just one source.
  • An Azure File Service share can be deployed to become the place for applications to store monitoring files, including crash dumps and logs.
  • Azure File Service can create shares without needing to create and use another virtual machine set to host file share workloads. This is especially helpful when trying to move applications into the cloud and they depend on accessing SMB.


This was last updated in September 2014

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