Microsoft Ignite 2023 conference coverage

Last updated:November 2023

Editor's note

This year's Microsoft Ignite conference ran from Nov. 14 to 17 in Seattle.

The show was available both in person and online with more than 500 sessions scheduled across eight topic areas. Microsoft planned to make most of these sessions available virtually for free. CEO Satya Nadella and other company leaders delivered keynotes on the company's AI initiatives across its product portfolio in productivity, security, data analytics and the cloud.

Microsoft's focus is on AI and how the technology can help customers work more efficiently, reduce costs and improve security for its customers. The company's investments in OpenAI will manifest in upcoming products, such as Security Copilot, which integrates with existing Microsoft security tools and third-party products to assist security teams.

Get all the latest news and analysis from the show in this conference guide.

1News from Microsoft Ignite 2023 in Seattle

Explore this section for information about new products, updates to existing offerings and other highlights from this year's conference.

2Catch up on all the pre-show news

While AI initiatives were a priority for Microsoft this year, the company continued its longstanding practice of forging business partnerships and expanding its cloud-based offerings to sway potential customers. Learn about Microsoft's priorities in the last several months from the following articles.

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