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Top Microsoft Office alternatives for enterprise use


Considering viable alternatives to Microsoft Office

Source:  TechTarget
Visual Editor: Chris Seero

The dominant office productivity suite for enterprise desktops is Microsoft Office, and the most common alternative is the similar cloud-based program, Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office and Office 365 offer integration with Windows 10 and the widely adopted Microsoft Outlook, an email client with a built-in calendar that organizations rely on for communication and scheduling. These unique features make it more challenging to find alternatives to Microsoft Office to fill the same role.

Support and compatibility are also key factors IT must consider before it decides to switch to one of the Microsoft Office alternatives. IT pros must be ready to handle the loss of Microsoft's robust support and rely on the alternative vendor or third party for support. Different file types can cause compatibility issues between suites, as well.

Organizations might also consider some Microsoft Office alternatives due to rising licensing costs or user preference for another suite.

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