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Top Microsoft Office alternatives for enterprise use


Look into iWork office suite for macOS

Source:  Apple
Visual Editor: Chris Seero

The Apple iWork office suite is one of the best Microsoft Office alternatives for organizations that run MacOS desktops.

Apple designed the iWork office suite exclusively for macOS, so organizations on other OSes don't even have this option. It includes word processing, spreadsheet editing and presentation creation through its native apps that come free with an Apple desktop. Users can collaborate within these applications through the iCloud storage system.

The iWork office suite also offers integration with Apple iOS for mobile devices. Organizations that fully commit to Apple for all of their enterprise devices can use Apple's robust mobile applications that allow users to view and edit files in the mobile versions of each iWork office suite app.

Apple Mail, the native email client for macOS, is not technically part of the iWork suite. But because it is also a native application, the productivity applications include some integration for sharing projects and other tasks through Apple Mail.

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