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Businesses face growing patchwork of state AI laws

As U.S. states like Colorado pass their own AI laws, businesses will need to prepare compliance measures if they do business in those states.


How to lead a digital transformation: 10 key steps

Digital transformation success requires cross-organizational alignment, actionable goals and top-notch project management. Here's how leaders can create that.


Big tech invests billions in AI data centers globally

President Joe Biden throws his support behind Microsoft to build an AI data center in Racine, Wis., as big tech companies invest in AI infrastructure to compete.


U.S. election guide: Where candidates stand on tech

The next U.S. president will set the tone on issues such as AI regulation, data privacy and climate tech. Where do prominent candidates stand on such issues? We're keeping track.

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    data collection

    Data collection is the process of gathering data for use in business decision-making, strategic planning, research and other purposes.

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    chief trust officer

    A chief trust officer (CTrO) in the IT industry is an executive job title given to the person responsible for building confidence around the use of customer information.

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    green IT (green information technology)

    Green IT (green information technology) is the practice of creating and using environmentally sustainable computing resources.

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