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The History of the Metaverse Explained (With Timeline)

The term 'metaverse' has only recently gained currency, but its history is long. Learn about the technologies that gave rise to a concept many believe will change civilization.

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Metaverse vs. multiverse vs. omniverse: Key differences

Virtual realities are coming to a computer interface near you. Will you be joining a metaverse, multiverse or an enterprise-oriented version of the omniverse?

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The Metaverse Standards Forum: What you need to know

Creating an open and inclusive metaverse will require the development and adoption of interoperability standards. That's the tall order of the Metaverse Standards Forum.


Biden aims to protect data, calls for U.S. data privacy law

President Joe Biden is aiming to stop the sale of Americans' sensitive data to countries of concern, while also pushing for a U.S. data privacy law.

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