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Generative AI in the enterprise raises questions for CIOs

Technology and business leaders are exploring pivotal issues surrounding adoption strategy, architecture and the IT organization's management responsibilities.


U.S. antitrust case against Amazon not a clear win

The FTC is looking to make an antitrust case against Amazon for using anticompetitive strategies to harm both sellers and shoppers on its platform.


U.S. government shutdown would crush CHIPS Act momentum

A U.S. government shutdown would significantly impact implementation of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 as federal workers would be forced to stay home from work.


6 alternatives to blockchain for businesses to consider

Technologies like cloud storage and distributed databases provide some of blockchain's data-integrity and reliability advantages with fewer performance, efficiency and cost issues.

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    Whistleblower Protection Act

    The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 is a law that protects federal government employees in the United States from retaliatory action for voluntarily disclosing information about dishonest or illegal activities occurring in a government ...

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    skunkworks project (Skunk Works)

    A skunkworks project, also known as Skunk Works, is an innovative undertaking, involving a small group of people, that is outside the normal research and development (R&D) channels within an organization.

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    digital innovation

    Digital innovation is the adoption of modern digital technologies by a business.

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