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How to exit kiosk mode on any OS

Manually exiting kiosk mode is still necessary in the age of mobile device management for convenience and when it's time to remove kiosks at their end of life.

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Getting started with kiosk mode for the enterprise

A kiosk can serve several purposes as a dedicated endpoint. Understanding those possibilities and their benefits and challenges is key to deploying kiosk mode for the enterprise.

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How to detect and remove malware from an iPhone

Despite their reputation for security, iPhones are not immune from malware attacks. IT and users should learn the signs of mobile malware and the steps to take when they appear.

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How to detect and remove malware from an Android device

Mobile malware can come in many forms, but users might not know how to identify it. Understand the signs of malware on mobile devices, as well as what to do to remove the threat.

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Mobile Computing Basics

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    Google Firebase

    Google Firebase is a set of cloud-based development tools that helps mobile app developers build, deploy and scale their apps.

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    remote wipe

    Remote wipe is a security feature that allows a network administrator or device owner to send a command that remotely deletes data from a computing device.

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    Apple Watch

    Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch that allows users to accomplish a variety of tasks, including making phone calls, sending text messages and reading email.

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