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4 types of mobile security models and how they work

Learn about the different mobile security models that organizations can choose from and how vendors combine cloud-based threat defense with on-device security.


The ultimate guide to mobile device security in the workplace

Mobile devices provide connectivity for employees to access business data and communicate with colleagues, but these unique benefits come with specific security challenges for IT.


Top 4 mobile security threats and challenges for businesses

Mobile devices are a target for hackers, with several ways to steal data. These threats -- from network spoofing to phishing texts -- endanger organizations as much as individuals.


BYOD's outlook brightens in hybrid workplaces

As employees and organizations come to expect greater mobility, BYOD is an important consideration in the successful planning and execution of the remote and hybrid workplace.

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    7 mobile device security best practices for businesses

    Organizations can't deploy mobile devices without accounting for their security. IT admins should follow these seven best practices to manage mobile device and data security.

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    What fees come with accepting Apple Pay for businesses?

    Apple Pay simplifies checkout for customers, but setup isn't always as straightforward. IT admins can review the costs to decide if Apple Pay makes sense for their organization.

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    Samsung Galaxy

    Samsung Galaxy is a product line of Android smartphones, tablets and internet of things devices manufactured by Samsung Electronics.

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