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How to use the iPadOS file manager in the enterprise

Organizations can use the iPadOS Files app to manage files locally or in the cloud. Learn the pros and cons of both storage types and how to use them in the native file manager.

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How does enterprise file management in iOS work?

It's important to ensure that files are secure and easy to work with on enterprise mobile devices. In iOS, the Files app is a key tool for personal and corporate file management.

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What are the best file managers for Mac devices?

If the native macOS file manager is lacking, IT can look to third-party options for advanced features. Commander One, ForkLift and Path Finder are three alternatives to consider.

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How to ensure iPhone configuration profiles are safe

Configuration profiles make it easier to manage BYOD iPhones, but they're also associated with malware. Mobile security policies can ensure configuration profiles are safe.

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    How to create a mobile device management policy for your org

    A mobile device management policy creates several essential benefits for an organization, like security measures and data and application guidelines for corporate information.

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    Apple AirDrop

    Apple AirDrop is a native feature in iOS and macOS that lets users share data from one device to another on the same Wi-Fi network.

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    Apple Bonjour

    Apple Bonjour is a group of networking technologies designed to help devices and applications discover each other on the same network.

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