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How to set up Apple Pay for a business

Setting up Apple Pay is a simple process, but IT decision-makers should understand the considerations that come with it and how it varies for organizations of different sizes.


Finding the best mobile hotspot option for remote work

Organizations that allow the use of mobile hotspots for remote work must know how personal hotspots and dedicated hotspot devices differ. Compare these hotspot options.

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How do personal hotspots work for remote work?

A personal hotspot can be a valuable element of a remote work strategy, but IT teams must understand how they work and what management challenges they present.

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How to recycle mobile phones in the enterprise

Mobile device disposal requires careful planning. IT teams must learn how to recycle mobile phones to keep e-waste out of landfills and enterprise data out of the wrong hands.

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    What fees come with accepting Apple Pay for businesses?

    Apple Pay simplifies checkout for customers, but setup isn't always as straightforward. IT admins can review the costs to decide if Apple Pay makes sense for their organization.

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    Samsung Galaxy

    Samsung Galaxy is a product line of Android smartphones, tablets and internet of things devices manufactured by Samsung Electronics.

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    Android OS

    Android OS is a Linux-based mobile operating system that primarily runs on smartphones and tablets.

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