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RingCentral pushes AI deeper into sales tech, integrates Teams

Among other new features, RingCentral pushes its RingSense conversational intelligence deeper into the sales market with new integrations, where it meets a crowd of tech competitors.


Pegasystems' Blueprint enables automation with no code

Pegasystems uses generative AI to simplify previously difficult development tasks that unite back-office and front-office data, and launches a GenAI-led learning system.


10 ideas for a post-cookies marketing strategy

Tracking customers without third-party cookies may concern businesses. However, all organizations are in the same position. Marketers should consider these alternatives.


Slack lists drops, edging it ever closer to project management

Slack isn't a full-fledged project management platform. But new features help users organize, assign and track tasks as they would in more sophisticated clouds.

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    First-party vs. third-party cookies: What's the difference?

    First-party cookies track user engagement, while third-party cookies are central to many marketing and sales strategies. Yet the two types are more similar than one might think.

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    virtual agent

    A virtual agent -- sometimes called an intelligent virtual agent (IVA) -- is a software program or cloud service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to provide ...

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    12 benefits of customer retention

    Customer retention can help organizations better understand their current customers' needs, issues and desires, so they can better support them and target more prospects.

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