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Business benefits of a customer self-service strategy

Self-service channels can save organizations money while improving CX -- if done right. Explore these benefits and tips to keep in mind when building a self-service strategy.


Salesforce releases Genie for Healthcare, Patient 360 additions

Electronic medical records remain the systems of record in the Salesforce universe. Adding a CRM approach on top of that enables a better patient experience, the company believes.


Zendesk updates focus on customer service AI 'ticket triage'

Zendesk incorporates intelligent triage -- AI-guided routing of tickets based on sentiment, urgency and complexity -- into its customer service platform.


AI-powered CRM platforms compared

CRM vendors can apply fundamental AI capabilities in various ways. Learn about the similarities and differences between AI functionality in the major CRM platforms.

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Customer Experience Basics

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    cost per engagement (CPE)

    Cost per engagement (CPE) is an advertising pricing model in which digital marketing teams and advertisers only pay for ads when users interact with their campaign in some way.

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    How to choose a customer data platform

    CDPs centralize customer data, which can improve marketing insights. To choose the right CDP, CX leaders can create a team of stakeholders, identify goals and compare products.

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    B2C (Business2Consumer or Business-to-Consumer)

    B2C -- short for business-to-consumer -- is a retail model where products move directly from a business to the end user who has purchased the goods or service for personal use.

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