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Pegasystems acquires process mining tech, partners with CDP

Pegasystems partners with Celebrus CDP and Google Cloud to expand the reach of its CX tools and acquires Everflow, a process mining tech company.


Oracle plugs customer data platform into customer service

Oracle Service adds Unity CDP integration to afford contact center agents a historical view of customer interactions and new features.


The future of DMPs in a post-cookies world

DMPs are still important in marketers' jobs, but the move away from third-party cookies threatens the DMP's future. Here's what marketers and DMP providers need to know.


Customer experience technology's next phase as teams regroup

In this Q&A, Eastern Bank CX head Rich Dorfman discusses how the pandemic shifted approaches to tech, transformation, and measurement of customer and employee experience.

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    What are the benefits and challenges of CRM?

    CRM platforms can boost CX with business insights if sales agents use them properly. Sales leaders should know the benefits and challenges of these platforms before purchasing.

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    clickstream analytics

    Clickstream data and clickstream analytics are the processes involved in collecting, analyzing and reporting aggregate data about which pages a website visitor visits -- and in what order.

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    Best practices for initiating chatbot-to-human handoff

    Contact centers perform a balancing act between AI and human agents. Support teams must train bots on chatbot-to-human handoffs and design AI aware of customer frustration.

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