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Will AI replace customer service reps?

AI can streamline customer interactions and save organizations money, but will it replace customer service agents? Maybe, but customer service will always require a human touch.


Zendesk users get generative AI infusion for customer service

Zendesk customers get their shot of GenAI, which comes in the form of agent tools, self-service workflow assistants and workforce management features.


How agent assist technology works in the contact center

Contact centers that invest in agent assist technology can help their agents become more productive and eliminate tedious tasks to make their jobs easier.


How to create an omnichannel marketing strategy

Marketers often struggle with the complexities of omnichannel implementation. To get started, they can set their business goals and invest in the right technologies.

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    How do companies protect customer data?

    Companies can protect customer data through various technical tools and strategies, like authentication and encryption. But some types of data need more protection than others.

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    How to create a diversity and inclusion marketing strategy

    Diversity marketing helps organizations attract new customers, but to implement a strategy, marketers need an internal D&I initiative and to learn about their audience.

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    10 marketing trends to watch for in 2024

    Marketers in 2024 must embrace AI, voice search, chatbots, personalized marketing, video, social commerce, influencers, VR, sustainability and big data for a competitive edge.

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