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6 generative AI tools to consider for marketing and sales

Generative AI tools can write marketing content, score leads and personalize sales emails. Explore six generative AI tools for marketing and sales, such as Jasper and Flick.


5 key contact center AI features and their benefits

As multifunctional contact centers evolve in complexity and importance, AI and GenAI integration are advancing self-service chatbots, customer insights and agent monitoring.


Top 10 customer data privacy best practices

To ensure customer data remains secure and inaccessible to bad actors, organizations should implement best practices such as frequent data audits and employee trainings.

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8 benefits of a modern contact center

Contact centers and their multifunctional capabilities can provide businesses with a competitive edge through improved agent performance, customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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Customer Experience Basics

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    Why does data privacy matter in marketing?

    Marketers frequently use customer data for their strategies. They must properly secure that information, so they comply with privacy laws and customers trust the business.

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    contact center agent (call center agent)

    A contact center agent is a person who handles incoming or outgoing customer communications for an organization.

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    contact center management

    Contact center management is the process of overseeing contact center operations with the goal of providing an outstanding customer experience in an effective and efficient manner.

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