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AI Bill of Rights blueprint lacks enforceability

The AI Bill of Rights blueprint offers guidance to businesses, but the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy cannot enforce its recommendations.


Digital twin consortium accelerates growth of the technology

Through its working groups, the consortium helps organizations deal with challenges in managing systems and data related to the technology. The subgroups publish their findings.


DataRobot-managed AI cloud now generally available

With the managed version of its cloud platform, the vendor will run machine learning projects for enterprises that don't want them on the public cloud.


Chipotle pilots AI systems to assist workers and diners

The fast-food chain is trying out AI-powered cook assistants and consumer experience programs. Its tortilla-making bot will start making chips for some consumers next month.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    convolutional neural network (CNN)

    A convolutional neural network (CNN or convnet) is a subset of machine learning.

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    Industries leading the way in conversational AI

    Learn how companies in vertical markets are using conversational AI and even partnering with AI developers for software that's tailored to their unique business needs.

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    backpropagation algorithm

    Backpropagation, or backward propagation of errors, is an algorithm that is designed to test for errors working back from output nodes to input nodes.

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