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Oracle generative AI features differ from Microsoft offering

Oracle's generative AI service, available in beta, uses partner Cohere's second large language model to analyze text for the feelings and opinions behind it, according to Gartner.


Benefits, risks of Google AI chatbot's Bard Extensions

The tech giant's new extensions enable users to use the AI chat tool to summarize information from their email or make travel plans. However, it still has problems with accuracy.


The future of generative AI: How will it impact the enterprise?

Learn how generative AI will affect organizations in terms of capabilities, enterprise workflows and ethics, and how the technology will shape enterprise use cases.

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Lessons on integrating generative AI into the enterprise

At Generative AI World 2023, various industries convened to explore existing and potential generative AI use cases. Review insights from one company's implementation experience.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    10 prompt engineering tips and best practices

    Asking the right questions is key to using generative AI effectively. Learn 10 tips for writing clear, useful prompts, including mistakes to avoid and advice for image generation.

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    AI prompt engineer

    An AI prompt engineer is an expert in creating text-based prompts or cues that can be interpreted and understood by large language models and generative AI tools.

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    LangChain is an open source framework that lets software developers working with artificial intelligence (AI) and its machine learning subset combine large language models with other external components to develop LLM-powered applications.

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