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Federal report focuses on AI diversity and ethics

A national group formed to advance the research and development of AI in the U.S. proposes ways to add more variety among students, educators and researchers studying AI.


Implications of AI art lawsuits for copyright laws

Lawsuits filed by Getty Images and several artists could determine whether generative AI developers can use copyrighted materials as part of their training data sets.


How a digital retail firm uses enterprise search

Glean trains language models based on a customer's documents and other stored content. Its platform sits on users' technology stack to provide for smooth integration.


ChatGPT could boost phishing scams

The conversational AI tool could make it hard to detect attackers due to how conversant and grammatically correct it is. A way to combat that is to create a detector.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    GPT-3, or the third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data to generate any type of text.

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    Understanding the 4 types of AI and their impact

    AI technology can exceed human performance in many areas, but it is still no match for the human brain. Learn about the four main types of AI.

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    How to formulate a winning AI strategy

    Executives are aware of the value artificial intelligence in its many forms can bring to enterprises yet devising a viable AI strategy can be as complex as the technology itself.

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