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Data lake vs. data warehouse: Key differences explained

Data lakes and data warehouses are both commonly used in enterprises. Here are the main differences between them to help you decide which is best for your data needs.


Data management trends: Convergence and more money

The past year focused heavily on data intelligence, lakehouse development and observability as vendors innovated to help enterprises make effective use of converged data and technologies.


Data-centric developer responsibilities evolve in 2022

Enterprise Strategy Group Analyst Stephen Catanzano discusses how data-centric developer responsibilities are evolving as technological advancements enable more data use.


Organizations capitalize on intelligent data management

Intelligent data management concepts are opening new avenues for organizations to make better data-centric decisions and extract more value from their data.

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Data Management/Data Warehousing Basics

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    18 top big data tools and technologies to know about in 2023

    Numerous tools are available to use in big data applications. Here's a look at 18 popular open source technologies, plus additional information on NoSQL databases.

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    database replication

    Database replication is the frequent electronic copying of data from a database in one computer or server to a database in another -- so that all users share the same level of information.

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    DataOps is an Agile approach to designing, implementing and maintaining a distributed data architecture that will support a wide range of open source tools and frameworks in production.

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