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Last updated:June 2023

Editor's note

Responding to the surge in demand for AI since the debut last fall of ChatGPT, SAP made generative AI the centerpiece of its Sapphire 2023 conference.

The vendor unveiled SAP Business AI, its branding for generative AI chatbots and other tools that will begin appearing in SAP cloud applications and platforms, including S/4HANA Cloud, the multi-tenant SaaS version of its newest ERP. It also announced a partnership to embed Microsoft 365 Copilot AI in SuccessFactors HCM to automate job descriptions and recommend training.

SAP also reinforced its strategies for cloud-based business networking and sustainability. It introduced a new version of SAP Business Network that targets the supply chain needs of specific industries, a "green ledger" accounting system for carbon emissions, and upgrades to Business Technology Platform, its cloud development, integration and data management platform.

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