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Last updated:June 2024

Editor's note

SAP has worked for years to assemble a connected ecosystem of business apps in the cloud. More pieces fell into place at SAP Sapphire 2024, which was held June 3-5 in Orlando. SAP demonstrated new cloud apps powered by machine learning and the humanlike communication of generative AI. The vision: an intelligent supersystem that spans supply chains, anticipates demand and automates commerce, from raw materials to manufacturing to delivery to stores.

But much integration and development has yet to be done, and most SAP customers aren't convinced. Sales of SAP's ERP flagship, S/4HANA Cloud, have only recently challenged on-premises sales. Perhaps the grand vision, and advances in the SAP Business Technology Platform -- the connective tissue for S/4HANA and services like Ariba and Concur -- will entice people to follow SAP into the cloud if enough of the pieces work together.

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