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Last updated:June 2023

Editor's note

Cloud computing in all its forms has been the unifying theme of SAP's product strategy and the topic dominated the in-person Orlando SAP Sapphire 2023 conference and virtual events held May 16 to 17.

The cloud is the connective tissue of the SAP Business Network, the vehicle for SAP's B2B, supply chain and procurement offerings. SaaS is the platform from which SAP delivers emerging tech like AI, blockchain and IoT. The cloud is also SAP's preferred deployment model for its newest ERP, S/4HANA, and the Rise with SAP digital transformation service. SAP's industry cloud is where SAP and its partners configure software for vertical industries. The cloud-centric SAP Business Technology Platform is the integration and development hub for much of this ecosystem.

The SAP Sapphire event was the vendor's latest attempt to convince users tied to older, on-premises software to move to the cloud.

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