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Google unveils new Looker tool, BigQuery pricing models

The tech giant revealed a standalone tool that opens up its analytics platform's semantic layer to users of any BI vendor and introduced usage-based pricing options for BigQuery.


Real-time analytics presents challenges to unlock benefits

Real-time analytics enables organizations with faster decision-making. However, bad data, or a culture that isn't ready for real-time analytics, can undermine the benefits.


Pyramid Analytics launches integration with OpenAI

The integration melds the research lab and vendor's generative AI tech with many parts of the BI vendor's platform, including data preparation and visualization and model training.


Acceldata update enhances data observability platform

The vendor's latest platform update adds four new capabilities, including low-code/no-code options for developing data quality standards and self-healing capabilities.

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    4 types of simulation models used in data analytics

    Combining different types of simulation models with predictive analytics enables organizations to forecast events and improve the accuracy of data-driven decisions.

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    sentiment analysis

    Sentiment analysis systems help organizations gather insights into real-time customer sentiment, customer experience and brand reputation.

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    Examples of real-time analytics for businesses

    Organizations use real-time analytics and automation to be more efficient and effective, whether it's in retail, healthcare, manufacturing or other verticals.

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