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SAS unveils plans to add generative AI to analytics suite

After holding off on integrating with LLMs until it could ensure data security and accurate outcomes, the vendor is making industry-specific tools the focus of its AI strategy.


Spotfire unveils generative AI plans, adds to pre-built apps

The analytics specialist introduced the private preview of Copilot, which will enable customers to ask questions of their data and receive responses without having to write code.


Oracle unveils new suite for analytics, AI data management

The tech giant's new Fusion Data Intelligence Platform is aimed at fueling AI, BI and data management so customers can quickly take action based on analysis and insight.


Staige: A new Qlik portfolio for traditional AI, genAI and ML

The analytics and data integration vendor's new suite combines AI and ML capabilities with generative AI to provide a secure and governed environment for development and analysis.

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Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Basics

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    process intelligence (business process intelligence)

    Process intelligence is data that has been systematically collected to analyze the individual steps within a business process or operational workflow.

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    ensemble modeling

    Ensemble modeling is the process of running two or more related but different analytical models and then synthesizing the results into a single score or spread in order to improve the accuracy of predictive analytics and data mining applications.

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    business intelligence architecture

    A business intelligence architecture is a framework for the various technologies an organization deploys to run business intelligence and analytics applications.

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