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Understand the BI lifecycle to build an effective architecture

Following and understanding the five steps of the business intelligence lifecycle is the foundation of a successful and effective BI architecture.


Teradata integrates with DataRobot to aid AI development

The partnership provides the data management and analytics vendor's users with more choice so that they can develop advanced models and applications with their preferred tools.


AI readiness requires buy-in, technology and good governance

With interest in natural language processing, predictive analytics and other augmented intelligence rises, more than tooling is needed for enterprises to properly prepare.


Tableau launches generative AI assistant, updates platform

The longtime analytics vendor made a Copilot for data preparation generally available with similar tools for data cataloging and dashboard development and analysis expected soon.

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Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Basics

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    6 key features of embedded analytics software

    Data-driven organizations need employees of all technical skill levels to be able to access and use data. Embedded analytics software has six features that make data more usable.

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    standard operating procedure (SOP)

    A standard operating procedure is a set of step-by-step instructions for performing a routine activity.

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    sentiment analysis

    Sentiment analysis, also referred to as 'opinion mining,' is an approach to natural language processing (NLP) that identifies the emotional tone behind a body of text.

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