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Qlik meets user needs with realistic approach to generative AI

With trusted data as a foundation, the longtime analytics and data integration vendor has been pragmatic in its creation of an environment that enables generative AI development.


Qlik unveils GenAI assistant, tools to build trusted AI

The longtime analytics vendor's latest new features include data integration capabilities targeting data quality and a GenAI assistant that includes data lineage capabilities.


Trusted data key for Qlik as it develops foundation for AI

The analytics and data integration vendor is focused on providing users with a foundation of trusted data as it develops an ecosystem for developing next-generation applications.


8 benefits of using big data for businesses

Big data is a great resource for driving smart business decisions and changes. Here are eight ways that the use of big data is improving how business gets done.

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Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Basics

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    sentiment analysis

    Sentiment analysis, also referred to as 'opinion mining,' is an approach to natural language processing (NLP) that identifies the emotional tone behind a body of text.

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    R programming language

    The R programming language is an open source scripting language for predictive analytics and data visualization.

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    web analytics

    Web analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to a website by tracking, reviewing and reporting the data generated by their use of the site and its components, such as its webpages, images and videos.

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