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As businesses' data volumes continue to expand, data science has become vital for to inform decision making, strategic planning and marketing techniques. Learn about the latest data science and analytics techniques businesses are incorporating to help identify opportunities to streamline processes, identify potential business ventures and improve customer service.

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  • Markov model

    A Markov model is a stochastic method for randomly changing systems that possess the Markov property. Continue Reading

  • data point

    A data point is a discrete unit of information. In a general sense, any single fact is a data point. The term data point is roughly equivalent to datum, the singular form of data. Continue Reading

  • extrapolation and interpolation

    Extrapolation refers to estimating an unknown value based on extending a known sequence of values or facts. Interpolation is the act of estimating a value within two known values that exist within a sequence of values. Continue Reading

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