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What are the top benefits of knowledge management?

A proper knowledge management strategy can help organizations boost document security, increase employee efficiency and decrease frustration in searches for digital assets.


SEO vs SEM: What's the difference?

SEO and SEM strategies help marketers put digital content in front of the right audience. However, SEO strategies focus on organic search whereas SEM generates paid traffic.


8 free SEO keyword research tools to explore

SEO keyword research tools can help marketing teams create the content their audiences want to see. Free tools include Google Search Console, Keyword Surfer and Semrush.

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How to incorporate social media into SEO strategies

While social media marketing and SEO seem like two separate practices, when used together, they can enhance any organization's digital marketing strategy.

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Enterprise Content Management Basics

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    Adobe Sign

    Adobe Sign is a cloud-based service that lets an individual or organization send, secure, track and manage e-signature processes.

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    content management (CM)

    Content management (CM) is the process for collection, delivery, retrieval, governance and overall management of information in any format.

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    OCR (optical character recognition) is the use of technology to distinguish printed or handwritten text characters inside digital images of physical documents, such as a scanned paper document.

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