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Rimini Street Custom offers expanded third-party support

Rimini Custom pushes beyond Rimini Street's usual support of SAP, Oracle and Salesforce systems by customizing packages specific to a customer's enterprise applications.


8 ERP use cases to consider before buying an ERP system

Choosing the right ERP system requires considering a dizzying array of factors from company size to business goals. Here are eight common use cases that can simplify your research.

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Learn why ERP data quality is important

Poor data quality can negatively affect various aspects of a company's operations. Learn what causes poor data and some steps to take to ensure ERP data quality.


Tips that ensure ERP upgrade success

Follow this expert advice to avoid surprises such as data mapping hassles and scope creep and ensure that the new ERP system is a change for the better.

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ERP Basics

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    profit and loss statement (P&L)

    A profit and loss statement (P&L), also called an income statement or statement of operations, is a financial report that shows a company's revenues, expenses and net profit or loss over a given period of time.

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    ABC classification

    ABC classification is a ranking system for identifying and grouping items in terms of how useful they are for achieving business goals.

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    supply chain management (SCM)

    Supply chain management (SCM) is the optimization of a product's creation and flow from raw material sourcing to production, logistics and delivery to the final customer.

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