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5 cybersecurity risks and challenges in supply chain

Supply chains have a range of connection points -- and vulnerabilities. Learn which vulnerabilities hackers look for first and how leaders can fend them off.


6 top supply chain risks for companies to mitigate

As supplier relationships become increasingly complex and major disruptions continue, it pays to understand the top supply chain risks. Here are six and how to manage them.


IFS buys industrial asset management provider Copperleaf

IFS acquires asset investment management provider Copperleaf Technologies, adding to its portfolio of applications that help companies manage their physical and digital assets.


9 advantages and disadvantages of digital twin technology

Digital twin technology can potentially improve manufacturing operations, but some factors could make it difficult to implement. Learn more advantages and disadvantages.

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    digital core

    A digital core is the technology platforms and applications that enable organizations to transform into digital businesses and meet the new needs of the digital economy.

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    Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution and the cyber-physical transformation of manufacturing.

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    How to create a simple supply chain map

    A simple supply chain map can give insight into various areas, such as critical business challenges. Learn why manufacturing companies should use this essential tool.

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