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Digital tech tops supply chain trends list for 2024

Supply chain professionals want more technologies such as AI for visibility and traceability in 2024; however, sustainability and reshoring are long-term strategies.

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WMS vs. OMS: Learn the differences between the two systems

While WMS streamlines warehouse processes, OMS can help improve order management and customer data tracking. Discover more about the differences between WMS and OMS.


Copilot generative AI comes to Dynamics 365 Field Service

Aimed at improving frontline worker performance, Copilot GenAI capabilities will be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, providing access to critical job data.

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7 tips for implementing a transportation management system

Implementing a transportation management system can be a challenging process, so supply chain leaders should follow some best practices to ensure success. Learn more.

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    inventory turns (inventory turnover)

    Inventory turns, also referred to as inventory turnover and inventory turnover ratio, are a popular measurement used in inventory management to assess operational and supply chain efficiency.

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    ERP finance module

    The ERP finance module is the software component that handles the main accounting and financial management functions of an enterprise resource planning system.

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    A poka-yoke is a mechanism that is put in place to prevent human error.

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