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Tips that ensure ERP upgrade success

Follow this expert advice to avoid surprises such as data mapping hassles and scope creep and ensure that the new ERP system is a change for the better.


Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM adds to logistics management

New applications in Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM for transportation and trade management are intended to help companies manage logistics networks and deal with supply chain disruptions.


Top 8 ERP implementation best practices

Deploying a new ERP system is a risky endeavor. Learn how to reduce the risk of failure and increase the odds for success with these eight tried-and-true best practices.


Cloud ERP vs. on-premises ERP: Key differences

Understanding the differences between on-premises ERP and cloud ERP, especially multi-tenant SaaS, is critical in buying decisions. Here's how they compare in 12 important areas.

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ERP Basics

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    supply chain management (SCM)

    Supply chain management (SCM) is the optimization of a product's creation and flow from raw material sourcing to production, logistics and delivery to the final customer.

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    Learn why ERP data quality is important

    Poor data quality can negatively affect various aspects of a company's operations. Learn what causes poor data and some steps to take to ensure ERP data quality.

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    cloud ERP

    Cloud ERP is a type of enterprise resource planning software that runs on a provider's cloud computing platform, rather than on premises on an enterprise's own computers.

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