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Industry 4.0 manufacturing success depends on enabling people

Industry 4.0 success requires giving frontline workers the digital tools they need to solve problems and open, rather than closed, systems to drive collaboration.


5 ways AI can help in field service management

AI can help service companies improve their field service management in a myriad of ways. Learn some of the benefits of organizations using AI for this purpose.


7 benefits of ERP in accounting

ERP and accounting applications operate separately, but ERP systems can deliver valuable financial insights for companies. Learn about the benefits of ERP in accounting.

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5 uses for IoT in field service management

IoT can benefit field service management in various ways. Learn about some of its applications in FSM, including inventory management and remote monitoring.

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ERP Basics

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    pick to light

    Pick to light is order fulfillment technology that employs alphanumeric displays and buttons at storage locations to guide the manual picking and recording of items for shipment.

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    supply chain transformation

    Supply chain transformation is the addition and integration of technology to improve supply chain performance, optimize costs and mitigate risks.

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    distribution requirements planning (DRP)

    Distribution requirements planning (DRP) is a systematic process to make the delivery of goods more efficient by determining which goods, in what quantities and at what location, are required to meet anticipated demand.

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