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13 HR software buying mistakes to avoid

The HR system selection process is rife with the potential for mistakes. Learn about some of the most common ones and how the HR software buying team can avoid them.


A list of the most popular MOOCs to consider in 2024

Massive open online courses help learners across the globe acquire new skills, brush up on their professional skills and pursue credentials. Explore some favorite platforms.


Humans in the loop won't prevent AI disasters, experts say

National Academies workshops reveal skepticism that humans in the loop could prevent an AI mishap. Experts highlight human flaws and AI's disarming nature as concerns.


The value of moments that matter in the employee experience

Some of the most important parts of the employee experience are 'moments that matter,' such as employee promotions. Learn about the employee lifecycle and how these moments fit in.

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    organizational network analysis (ONA)

    Organizational network analysis (ONA) is a quantitative method for modeling and analyzing how communications, information, decisions and resources flow through an organization.

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    HireVue is an enterprise video interviewing technology provider of a platform that lets recruiters and hiring managers screen candidates and conduct live interviews over the internet.

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    Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)

    Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) is a U.S.-based credentialing organization offering certifications to HR generalists, administrators and managers.

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